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llaalleell llaalleell Aug 26, 2017. 6 comments

Hannibal Pre-Season 3 Re-watch!

Hannibal Pre-Season 3 Re-watch!

In honor of Hannibal’s return on June 4th (and my own gratification), I had planned on doing a full re-watch—I do not know what made me think that I had time for that! So instead, how about we hit the highlights. First up, Aperitif, the first episode of the series. Spoilers all over the place for the episode, but I’ll try to keep a lid on ones for other episodes.

By all means, join the fun,...


llaalleell llaalleell May 25, 2015. 1 comments

Hannibal Pre-Season 3 Re-Watch: Coquilles

Hannibal Pre-Season 3 Re-Watch: Coquilles

It’s a Sunday night and I’ve had a hell of a week. Watching an old episode of Hannibal while eating a burrito turned into the perfect long weekend activity, especially for one of my favorites. Spoilers all over the table.

The In-BetweensAt this point in the season, I’m pretty on board. I was into the second episode and I remember liking the tone and pacing of the third. The plots move quickly...