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FishermanIvan FishermanIvan Sep 16, 2017. 5 comments

Living with a Clownshoe

Living with a Clownshoe

Having read Justin Hughes'Living With A Subaru BRZ story today, I definitely came across familiar ground with my current car. So apologies for basically using the same format, but I enjoyed his article, and here's my go at it.

Living With A Subaru BRZ

There have already been eleventy zillion reviews of the Toyobaru twins, all saying that it's…

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I currently own a fantastic 2001 BMW M...


FishermanIvan FishermanIvan May 14, 2015.

Inuvik or Bust: To the End of the Earth in a Clownshoe

Inuvik or Bust:  To the End of the Earth in a Clownshoe

Last summer, my friend Mark and I (Ryan) took my 2001 BMW M Coupe on the drive of a lifetime. We left Edmonton and four days later, we were standing up to our nuts (literally) in the Arctic Ocean. We went to a part of the world that few people visit, sadly, because it’s some of the greatest places we’ve ever been.

Over the past year, we made the front page of Expedition Portal, and the story...