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boredalways boredalways May 02, 2019. 3 comments

DITPL (Goodnight Oppo)

DITPL (Goodnight Oppo)

Seent a new GLI 35

And a rare Bonneville GXP


Crest Crest Dec 24, 2017. 15 comments

Slow Depreciating Cars

Slow Depreciating Cars

From the title you can guess what this is about. Show me cars that depreciate really slowly. Yes of course my nomination is the most beloved Pontiac G8 GXP. I don't need to spell out the details to you. It is a car almost every jalop would love to have in their garage. If this car wasn't already being brought into the states, under the fuse of a G8 fist and now and SS, it's one of those...


ciscokidinsf ciscokidinsf Sep 25, 2017. 11 comments

NP or Silicon Valley Bubble - G8 GXP = $43K?

NP or Silicon Valley Bubble - G8 GXP = $43K?

So, are we in a bubble or what? I would totally write perhaps a $35,000 check and not a penny more, but here in the land of silicon and silliness we have this:

Almost $43,000 for a fresh Pontiac G8 GXP

Check the ad here

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So, what say you peeps? Yay or Nay for $42,800?