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Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Apr 04, 2018. 24 comments

Marvel's Latest Avengers Game Is Such A Shame

Marvel's Latest <i>Avengers</i> Game Is Such A Shame

Marvel put together an awesome re-imagining of Avengers heroes and villains as college students. They recruited top notch voice talent like Alison Brie, Colton Haynes and John Cena. All that design work and talent for a glorified Simpson: Tapped Out clone.

Look at this key art.

I would watch that cartoon. I would read that comic. Up until I got my hands on Avengers Academy, launched this week...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Mar 01, 2018. 20 comments

Nothing Brings World Of Warcraft Together Like The Invading Demonic Horde

Nothing Brings <i>World Of Warcraft</i> Together Like The Invading Demonic Horde

For the past week players of all levels, races and factions have been joining forces to try and stem the tide of soul-hungry demons spilling into our lands, determined to end life as we know it. I’ve not had this much fun with other players in ages.

Since last Tuesday up until this morning’s maintenance, two locations on Azeroths’ original two continents would host a demon invasion in...


Luke Plunkett Luke Plunkett Feb 17, 2018. 21 comments

My Ride Through Kingdom Come, The Medieval RPG With No Magic Bullshit

My Ride Through <i>Kingdom Come</i>, The Medieval RPG With No Magic Bullshit

I’ve been following Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s development

from the very beginning , what with it promising to be a bunch of things I dig (open world, RPG, weird FPS melee and history) all in the one package.

I played through

the rather barebones Alpha build of the game early last year , but in the time since Kingdom Come’s beta has added a bunch of new content and polish, so I figured I’d...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Feb 01, 2018. 17 comments

The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game Is Best Played With Other People

The New <i>Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles</i> Game Is Best Played With Other People

Yesterday I played through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan’s

story mode by myself. Today I went online and played the game the right way.

It makes complete sense. The TMNT franchise has always been about four brothers working together. In the movies Raphael was always getting angry and running off to do his own thing, which usually resulted in him getting his shell handed...


Heather Alexandra Heather Alexandra Jan 22, 2018. 13 comments

Watch Us Play Metal Gear Survive's Absurd Horde Mode

Watch Us Play <i>Metal Gear Survive</i>'s Absurd Horde Mode

Metal Gear Survive doesn’t have a lot of charm, but it’s still a fun time if you’re playing with friends. Staff Writer Heather Alexandra and Video Producer Paul Tamayo geared up to building bases and stab nano-zombies in this absurd and perplexing Metal Gear spin-off.

There are

a lot of reasons to be skeptical of Metal Gear Survive . It plays more like a features-heavy arcade game than the...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Dec 15, 2017. 19 comments

World Of Final Fantasy's Standalone Demo Is Worth Playing 

<i>World Of Final Fantasy's </i>Standalone Demo Is Worth Playing 

If you were worried the World of Final Fantasy PlayStation 4 (and Vita) demo would spoil the full game experience, you can stop. The standalone demo is just a quick romp through the game’s mechanics with a special treat at the end.

Rather than give players the first level or specific scenario from the upcoming turn-based RPG/tour of Final Fantasy history, Square Enix built a...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Dec 11, 2017. 11 comments

Never Stop Sneakin' Is A Stealth Game For People Who Hate Stealth

<i>Never Stop Sneakin'</i> Is A Stealth Game For People Who Hate Stealth

Never Stop Sneakin’, the new game from the creator of Dust: An Elysian Tail, opens with a time-travelling madman kidnapping every president of the United States throughout history. It’s ridiculous. It’s also an excellent little top-down stealth game, and I don’t even like stealth games.

Normally I’m far too impatient for stealth. Waiting for guards to pass, sneaking past security systems—it’s...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Dec 08, 2017. 14 comments

Popcap's Latest Game Is Plants Vs. Zombies Vs. Hearthstone

Popcap's Latest Game Is <i>Plants Vs. Zombies</i> Vs. <i>Hearthstone</i>

Popcap is taking Plants Vs. Zombies back to its roots with a new mobile strategy game, Plants. Vs. Zombies Heroes: The Lawn of a New Battle, only this time it’s turn-based and plays a lot like Hearthstone. Watch me play.

Instead of gathering sunshine from the field as an ever-advancing horde of zombies closes on your home, in Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes the zombies and plants. Each troop or trick...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Dec 05, 2017. 12 comments

The First Ten Minutes Of Trials Of The Blood Dragon

The First Ten Minutes Of <i>Trials Of The Blood Dragon</i>

Ubisoft’s surprise E3 release is a combination of the motorbike action of the Trials series and the over-the-top neon ‘80s action movie aesthetic of Far Cry 3 expansion Blood Dragon. They’ve made something beautiful together.

The game begins with a bike ride through the hills of war-torn Vietnam.

Blood Dragon hero Rex “Power” Colt narrates. The Vietnamese have gotten their hands on...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Nov 29, 2017. 6 comments

It's Nice To Have An MMO I Can Play Just One Hour A Day

It's Nice To Have An MMO I Can Play Just One Hour A Day

A couple of weeks back

I wrote about Lineage 2: Revolution, a mobile MMORPG that can be played mostly on autopilot. Two weeks later, I’m still playing. After a decade and a half of playing highly involved PC MMOs, it’s nice to have a game I only need to play an hour a day.

Though I can control my character directly, it’s much more convenient to hit the auto-battle or auto-quest button and let...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Nov 23, 2017. 12 comments

Melody's Escape Turns Music Into A Platforming Adventure

<i>Melody's Escape</i> Turns Music Into A Platforming Adventure

This is what Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones” looks like when run through the advanced audio detection algorithms of Loïc Dansart’s Melody’s Escape.

I’ve been in love with music visualization since the early days of Winamp, and the only thing I enjoy more than watching the beats and melodies of my favorite tunes is playing them. And while I’ve recently taken the plunge into

virtual reality rhythm games...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Nov 07, 2017. 9 comments

Lego Worlds' Monster Pack Is Creepy And Kooky

<i>Lego Worlds</i>' Monster Pack Is Creepy And Kooky

Just in time for everything to be getting all spooky, Lego Worlds releases its new Monster DLC pack, featuring the creepiest people, places and things made from colorful plastic brick. Let’s take a spin around Monster World.

The Monster pack contains a whole lot of spooky new stuff, from magnificient haunted houses to the most twisted vehicles from Lego’s Monster Fighters line and beyond. My...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Oct 15, 2017. 22 comments

There's A Lot Of Killing Things In The First 30 Minutes Of Black Desert Online

There's A Lot Of Killing Things In The First 30 Minutes Of <i>Black Desert Online</i>

Black Desert Online launched in North America and Europe this week, giving many players their first taste of that

character creator everyone’s been raving about. This is what happens in the 30 minutes following character creations’ end.

Now that

the bumps have been mostly ironed out and Daum Games’ massively multiplayer role-playing game is available to the general public, it’s time to take a...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Oct 13, 2017. 10 comments

The Best Dang Steep Stream On The Internet, No Regrets

The Best Dang Steep Stream On The Internet, No Regrets

On Friday, December 9, Nathan Grayson, Chris Person and I walked into the recording booth at Kotaku’s New York headquarters to stream Steep, Ubisoft’s extreme winter sports game. Aside from the faulty controller, horrible accents and Cronenbergian horrors, it went pretty well.

We don’t all get a chance to get together in person very often, but when we do, the reasons why we don’t...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Oct 11, 2017. 6 comments

Playing With Armello's Latest Rat Bastard

Playing With <i>Armello</i>'s Latest Rat Bastard

Fantasy board/card game Armello was one of my favorite games of 2015. While it remains just as fun to play now as it was then, it’s adding four new fantasy animals to play as in next week’s Usurpers Hero Pack. Watch me play as Sargon, the dirtiest rat ever.

Bringing the playable character total to twelve, the Usurpers Hero Pack for Armello will be available next week for the Xbox One,...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Oct 04, 2017. 14 comments

Collecting All The Stories: The Path Of Destinies Endings Is An Obsession

Collecting All The <i>Stories: The Path Of Destinies</i> Endings Is An Obsession

I’ve played through Stories: The Path of Destinies a dozen times over the past few days, and I won’t stop until I’ve explored every narrative branch of this choose your own action-adventure. The power of choice compels me.


covered the basics in his review of Spearhead Games’ colorful action role-playing game. My plan was to write about how compelling I find the tiny tales that comprise...


Nathan Grayson Nathan Grayson Oct 03, 2017. 19 comments

30 Minutes With Kona, A Beautiful Snowbound Mystery Adventure

30 Minutes With <i>Kona</i>, A Beautiful Snowbound Mystery Adventure

Sometimes I try random Steam Early Access games on a whim. Often, it’s a very bad idea. Kona is a big exception to that rule.

Kona is a snowbound mystery adventure that launched on Early Access yesterday. It’s a game about wandering through a (very convincing) blizzard as a private investigator in 1970s Northern Canada. You’re there to investigate vandalism against the estate of a wealthy...


Paul Tamayo Paul Tamayo Oct 02, 2017. 11 comments

City of Brass Has Surprises Around Every Corner

<i>City of Brass </i>Has Surprises Around Every Corner

When former developers of BioShock and BioShock 2 put their spin on a first-person rogue-lite set in an Arabian Nights themed world, it’s bound to be full of systems that not only work against you, but bail you out of trouble too. Armed with a whip and a scimitar, City of Brass tasks you with racing to the center of the city full of traps, undead skeletons, genies, and even sandstorms that all...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Sep 30, 2017. 10 comments

The New Puzzle Fighter Plays Better Than It Looks

The New <i>Puzzle Fighter</i> Plays Better Than It Looks

While the plastic-looking 3D characters can never replace the charming big-headed sprites of the original, Capcom’s new free-to-play mobile Puzzle Fighter gets the puzzle fighting bit done well enough.

I won’t make too much of a fuss over the art direction of Puzzle Fighter, as it’s little more than set dressing to the main event. The dropping gems look just fine. They fall, they crash, they...


Mike Fahey Mike Fahey Sep 27, 2017. 16 comments

Bejeweled Is So Over Candy Crush Saga's Bullshit

<i>Bejeweled</i> Is So Over <i>Candy Crush Saga</i>'s Bullshit

The official description for Bejeweled Stars does not read “You like Candy Crush Saga? Fine. Here’s your damn Candy Crush Saga,” but it really should.

PopCap’s Bejeweled wasn’t the first match-three puzzler, but it was the game that put the sub-genre on the map. The wonderfully simple, wildly addictive gem-matching game grew so popular there was a add-on that made it playable within World of...