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Julie Muncy Julie Muncy Jul 12, 2019 at 14:04.

PSA: You Can Now Watch an All-Ahsoka Tano Cut of Star Wars: Rebels

PSA: You Can Now Watch an All-Ahsoka Tano Cut of <i>Star Wars: Rebels</i>

Longtime readers know how much Ahsoka Tano means to me . She’s been one of the consistent highlights of the modern Star Wars canon, throughout two cartoons, an upcoming revival , and a novel.

If you’re eager to experience just the most Ahsoka-y parts of Star Wars, the Rebels YouTube channel has you covered: they recently posted a lengthy video that serves as a compilation of all of the former...

Germain Lussier Germain Lussier Jul 12, 2019 at 06:49.

The 15 Best and Most Shocking Star Wars Moments of 2018 

The 15 Best and Most Shocking<i> Star Wars</i> Moments of 2018 
Year In ReviewWe look back at the best, worst, and most significant moments of the year, and look forward to next year.   

All told, 2018 was a great year to be a Star Wars fan, with a new movie, a new TV show, big surprises, huge news, and answers to old questions. There’s been a lot going on in the galaxy, far, far away. Here are our favorite moments of the year—barring a last-minute trailer...

Apr 15, 2019. 4 comments

Star Wars: The Clone Wars regresa más potente que nunca en su primer tráiler oficial

Star Wars: The Clone Wars regresa más potente que nunca en su primer tráiler oficial
Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag.Click here to view original GIFGIF: Lucasfilm

Su viaje no terminó del modo que queríamos, ni de la manera que Lucasfilm hubiera querido considerando que había planes para contar muchas más historias. Seis años después de su conclusión, la serie animada Clone Wars ha vuelto para contar las historias de Anakin, Ahsoka y Obi-Wan.

El productor de la...


Germain Lussier Germain Lussier Mar 22, 2018. 24 comments

A New Star Wars Short Answers a Lingering Return of the Jedi Question

A New <i>Star Wars </i>Short Answers a Lingering<i> Return of the Jedi </i>Question

The second season of the Star Wars animated series Forces of Destiny is now online—and one of the eight episodes answers a seemingly unimportant, but nevertheless interesting, question from Return of the Jedi.

That question is: Where did Leia get the Boushh disguise she wore to Jabba’s palace? Well, the Forces of Destiny short Bounty Hunted answers that question. Watch it here.



Andrew Liptak Andrew Liptak Mar 01, 2018. 16 comments

The Heartwarming Story Behind R2-KT, And How She Joined Star Wars Canon

The Heartwarming Story Behind R2-KT, And How She Joined <i>Star Wars </i>Canon

There’s a little droid that’s appeared in Star Wars in the last couple of years, R2-KT. She’s an astromech with a special purpose: memorializing a little girl who passed away in 2005. Now, it looks like she’ll appear in bigger things.

In 2004, Albin Johnson and his wife noticed that their daughter Katie was having some trouble: she kept falling down. After a doctor’s visit, they received...


Beth Elderkin Beth Elderkin Aug 18, 2017. 23 comments

A Major Rogue One Character is Heading to Star Wars Rebels

A Major <i>Rogue One</i> Character is Heading to <i>Star Wars Rebels</i>

Rogue One may have just arrived in theaters, but one of its characters is already heading to the small screen with an appearance in Star Wars Rebels.

Did I say heading to the small screen? I should’ve said...heading back!

That’s right, Saw Gerrera will be returning to his television roots with an appearance on season 3 of Star Wars Rebels. How was this incredible piece of information...