Whatcha doin, Oppo?

ttyymmnn Aug 18, 2019. 15 comments

Warm night, cold beer, and baseball. Murica. 


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Jimmy and Rosalyn Jimmy and Rosalyn

Jimmy is sporting a shiner from a recent fall, but he says he’s fine. He’s even back to working on homes for Habitat for Humanity. But wow, he and Rosalyn sure are looking old. Of course, Jimmy is 95, our oldest living president. He may not have been the most effective president, but he was an honorable man, and...

Vote for Deke Vote for Deke

My neighbor is a Travis County Sheriff’s deputy, and he is running for Constable (again). I voted for him last time, and I’ll vote for him again, if only for this awesome little Honda runabout thing he’s using for advertising. 

This Date in Aviation History: October 2 - October 4 This Date in Aviation History: October 2 - October 4

Welcome to This Date in Aviation History, getting of you caught up on milestones, important historical events and people in aviation from October 2 through October 4. October 2, 1942 – The first flight of the Bell XP-59 Airacomet. In the period before and during WWII, American jet engine development was far behind that of Europe. Germany had flown the...

Good Morning, Oppo Good Morning, Oppo

Happy Friday.