Tuesday's Best Deals: Posture Corrector, Fresh Scallops, Dolby Vision TVs, and More

Ana Suarez Aug 13, 2019. 0 comments
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A TCL 49S517 49" 4K Dolby Vision TV, free bacon and scallops with a new Butcher Box subscription, and a

posture corrector lead off Tuesday’s best deals from around the web.

Today’s Best Tech Deals

Sleepy soundly thanks to these discounted

Bose noise-masking Sleepbuds . Down to just $199, this current price matches the lowest we’ve ever seen.
Bose Has a Pricey Winner With Its Sleep-Friendly Earbuds

Sleeping on the weekends is rough. My apartment is across the street from a bar that grows only…

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Whether you live in a noisy neighborhood (like I do,) or want the benefits of a white noise machine without disturbing your partner, these Sleepbuds can be your saving grace. In their review, Gizmodo says they are incredibly comfortable and “great at drowning out sounds, and pretty easy to use.”

The design is reminiscent of true wireless headphones, come with a few fitting options, and they charge in a little case, too. Choose from 10 different tracks/sounds, but, just a heads up, they don’t let you listen to music or podcasts before bed.

This current

price is $50 less than usual and matches what we saw during Amazon Prime Day.

Clip coupon on page and use the promo code TVPC06934 to bring this sweet

RAVPower Qi wireless charging stand down to just $25. This is a rare discount on an a product we normally see for about $50. Oh, and by the way this is lowest price we’ve ever seen.
A Classy Leather Mouse Pad Is the Ideal Place to Hide a Wireless Charger

Mouse pads were big business back when dial-up modems were a thing, then they hit a long nadir…

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It includes a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter to help you get super fast charge speeds (10W for Android and 7.5W for iPhone.)

Just a few years ago, when

TV bias lights first came onto our radar , you were lucky to find a strip for $20. And that strip would require you to push a physical button on the strip, or at the very least, keep track of a remote. Oh, and the lights were white. Don’t like it? Too bad.
Why Bias Lighting Increases Your TV's Contrast and Saves Your Eyes

Bias lighting can help reduce the eye strain caused by long exposures to TV screens and monitors in …

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Now, you can get a strip for $8 (with promo code YAWPXRX4), you can control it with your phone over Bluetooth, and it can display 16 million colors, at any brightness level you want. They reduce eye strain, they make the blacks on your TV look blacker, but honestly, you should just buy one because it looks cool.

Until very recently,

USB-C Power Delivery battery packs were exclusively large. Like 20,000mAh or more, and a few pounds to boot. But if you don’t need that much power for a few hours on a plane, this pack from Xcentz is a svelte 10,000mAh, and only $14 today with promo code XCENTZ219. You even get a USB-C to USB-C and a USB-C to USB-A cable in the box, which is ridiculous at this price.

To be clear,

its USB-C PD port only outputs 18W, not the 30W or even 45W we’ve seen on larger packs. But I used a sample they sent with my Nintendo Switch on a flight last weekend, and it was fast enough to increase the charge level on my Nintendo Switch while playing Breath of the Wild, albeit not very quickly. It’ll also charge an iPhone at the maximum possible speed if you pair it with a USB-C to Lightning cable like this one .
Charge Your iPhone Faster With One of the Cheapest USB-C to Lightning Cables We've Seen [Exclusive]

USB C to Lightning Cable RAVPower | $10 | Amazon | Promo code KINJA809

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ROG line of gaming monitors are the favorite among pro gamers and with good reason: they’re awesome. This ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q 34" monitor is packed with all the stuff you’d want from a gaming monitor.


PG348Q offers a curved panel (which is awesome for immersive gaming), uses G-Sync (which eliminates tearing), and a 3440x1440 resolution. There is one minor flaw: the 100Hz refresh rate. While 144hz is the gold standard for competitive gaming, it’s actually a rarity in ones this size.
Can an Ultrawide Replace Your Dual Monitors?

For years, dual monitors were all the rage among tech geeks trying to build the most tricked-out…

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This current price is the lowest we’ve ever seen , and it’s unlikely to last. And yes, seven hundred and fifty dollars may seem hard to swallow, but it’s ostensibly two monitors in one. So, rocket jump over and buy this thing before... well, it’s game over man.
Buy Committee: Which Gaming Console Should I Buy?

To game, or not to game, that is the question from reader Osmodious.

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TCL’s 2018 6-series TVs are

famous for offering every form of HDR (including top-shelf Dolby Vision) and excellent Roku software in an affordable package, and the 5-series has basically all of the same features, save for a metal body and local LED dimming zones. It still supports Dolby Vision, it still has an advanced Roku remote and app control, and it’ll still look amazing.
TCL Made Its Terrifically Cheap 4K TV Even Better

It seemed unbelievable last year, when a handful of TV companies started selling 4K TVs with HDR…

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So if you’re in the market, the 49" model is back down to an all-time low price of $300 today. Or, if you’re feeling bold, you can get a refurb for just $210.

Today’s Best Home Deals

Butcher Box just added a new meat to its arsenal: wild-caught Atlantic sea scallops! Yes, the chicken nuggets of the sea can be delivered to your front door, and if you sign up for a new membership right now, you’ll get a pound of scallops and a pack of bacon thrown in for free, in addition to whatever else would have been in your box anyway.

You may be tempted to make bacon-wrapped scallops, and I wouldn’t blame you if you did, but

there’s nothing wrong with enjoying them separately, on their own merits .
How To Cook Sea Scallops Without Ruining Them: The Case Against Bacon

Step one is hiring a sinister shifty-eyed fellow with a pencil mustache to remove the bacon from…

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Your bonus come bundled with any of Butcher Box’s pre-selected boxes, which are priced at $129 for 24 servings, or $238 for 48 servings, which can be delivered every 30 or 60 days. For a nominal surcharge, you can also build a completely custom box, with your choices of proteins.

8 Essential Bacon Hacks

Today is International Bacon Day and to celebrate here are 8 of our favorite bacon hacks covered at …

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For those who don’t need a

gooseneck kettle for pourover coffee, and aren’t willing to spring for the ultimate tea maker , the Cuisinart PerfecTemp is one of the best (and best looking) electric kettles around. It’s down to $51 on Amazon right now, the best price we’ve ever seen. Just be sure to grab yours before this deal boils dry.

You might not have heard of Kyoku, but we found their

Daimyo damascus steel chef’s knife to be a joy to use, and incredibly beautiful to look at too. Today though, we’ve got a deal on the company’s 3.5" paring knife , for more delicate kitchen work.
This Chef's Knife Is As Sharp As It Is Gorgeous

Not to brag, but I’ve used good chef’s knives for about as long as I’ve been cooking for myself. I…

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Those steel ripples aren’t quite as dramatic on

a small paring knife , but they still look great, and the steel is still sharp. A paring knife is one of the three knives you need to own (chef’s and bread being the others, naturally), and at only $37 with promo code KYOKUY2S, you can afford to treat yourself to a great one.

When you buy kitchen sponges, you should buy a lot of kitchen sponges, so you’re never tempted to keep using

any single one for too long . Today on Amazon, you can grab 24 Scotch-Brite heavy duty scrub sponges for $8 . That’s about half as much as usual, and the best price Amazon’s listed in three years.
How to Properly Clean Your Gross Kitchen Sponge

You wipe your kitchen sponge all over the grossest things in your sink, so it makes sense that it…

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How To Keep Your Fancy New Cookware Looking Fancy And New

After years of using a hodgepodge of whatever cookware my roommates and I could scrape together, I…

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Featuring a heavy duty scouring pad on one side, these sponges make your elbow grease go a lot further

when cleaning stubborn dirty pans .

Unless you live in a perfect little bubble, you need a vacuum. Pets, kids, and regular everyday messes make having a vacuum a need, not a want. If you’ve ever wanted a Dyson, but not at the retail cost, you’re in luck. Today, Home Depot has up to 50% off select vacuums, including two Dyson models.

The V7 Motorhead Extra Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is $239 during this sale, while the is Small Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner is $199. If you’re looking for a robovac, the bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is 50% off.

Rachio brought home sprinkler systems into the smartphone age, and their 8-zone system is on sale for the best price ever today.

These irrigation controllers can automatically adjust watering schedules based on the weather, and if you want to keep tabs on it, its iOS and Android app will show you how much water you’re using (and saving), and allow you to make any adjustments necessary, no matter where you are in the world. They even work with Alexa, so you can water your lawn with nothing but your voice.

All of these smarts mean that the IRO can save you over 50% on your outdoor water use, so it should pay for itself over time. It’s also EPA WaterSense Certified, meaning your local water company might offer you a rebate for purchasing it.

This is one fine looking

fire pit , and you can have one that looks exactly like it for less thanks today’s one-day sale. Make s’mores and provide light for those late night, introspective chats with your friends and family for $100 less than usual.

This particular pit can fit 21.5" logs, and comes bundled with a wire mesh screen and a 24" inch hook for poking at the wood and lifting the lid.

Today’s Gold Box has the

Martha Stewart wood burning fire pit for an all-time low of $200. But you can drop it to $195 with the coupon on the page.

You don’t need to go to a diner to get yourself a thick and fluffy Belgian waffle. Every breakfast lover should have their own waffle maker in their home. If you don’t have one, or yours has seen better days, snag a

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker for $36 on Amazon.

The flip feature of this waffle maker means the outside will be crispy, but the inside will be soft and fluffy. The plates of this Hamilton Beach model are removable, which will make cleanup nice and easy. It also has an adjustable control, so you can cook your waffle lighter or darker, depending on your preference.

If you’re looking for a no-frills, just-get-it done vacuum that’s basically hack proof, this is the one to get. Right now, you can pick up a eufy RoboVac 12 for a low $147.

This particular vacuum is a little light on the feature side. For instance, it doesn’t connect to your phone or

mop , but it comes with a remote control and vacuum both carpet and hard wood floors.
Anker's Ambitious New RoboVac Packs a Mop and Freakin' Laser Beams

Anker first joined in the robotic vacuum arms race about three years ago, and has come out with…

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Just be warned, this discount is available until the end of the day or until sold out. So pick one up before it disappears... or else that’ll really suck.

Want to get started with Philips Hue? This

two bulb kit is marked down to $78 today , and has everything you need to start creating fun lighting recipes. Those full-color bulbs usually sell for $50 each, and even on sale rarely dip below $40, so even if you don’t need a hub, this is a solid deal. In fact, it’s an all-time low price, and $2 below what we saw around Black Friday.

Just be warned, once you buy these, you’re going to want to buy a lot more of them.

It’s time to dig in to your next DIY with this deal on the powerful Silhouette Cameo 3 in white. This craft room MVP can cut any material your next project requires with ease and precision, and the $190 bundle includes a blade, cutting mats, sketch pens, and even some vinyl to get you going — all for the lowest price we’ve ever seen on Woot!. So go ahead and let those creative juices flow.

At 9,000 mAh,

this Anker jump starter is smaller than most of the competition, but can still provide up to 15 jumps on a full charge while taking up less room in your glove box, assuming your engine is 2.8L or smaller. Nobody thinks they need one of these...until their car is dead in their driveway, and they’re late to an appointment. So buy it now, and thank us later.

Just use promo code KINJAJS2 at checkout to save $20.

Today’s Best Lifestyle Deals

Diane Von Furstenberg Flash Sale | Nordstrom Rack

You don’t need a special occasion to don one of Diane Von Furstenberg’s iconic patterned wrap dresses—especially since a slew of swingy styles, including a few tops, pants, and skirts, are on sale right now at Nordstrom Rack. But if you want to get wrapped up in a new DVF look for around 60% off, act quickly; the designer’s stock is already selling out.

Oru InletGIF: Kickstarter

There’s still nothing out there quite like Oru’s kayaks,

which fold up like origami into something the size of a suitcase . And now, the company’s newest, smallest model is up for preorder at a limited time discount.
Oru: A Kayak You Can Fold Up and Take on the Subway [Updated]

We’ve had to turn down various opportunities to fly halfway around the world to take out one of…

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The Oru Inlet is 10' long, compared to the old Beach LT model’s 12', and weighs only 20 pounds, down from 26. When folded, it’s still quite large—too large to carry onto a plane, unfortunately—but it’s still incredibly portable for a freakin’ watercraft.

As you’d expect from a kayak this small and light, it’s only really designed for still water, so you won’t be taking it whitewater rafting. But for urban apartment dwellers who live within driving distance of a calm river or lake, it’s a fantastic option, and should move through the water faster and navigate more nimbly than an inflatable kayak, since the folding design allows the Oru to boast sharper, more hydrodynamic fairings on the ends.

With an expected MSRP of $899, the Inlet will be Oru’s cheapest kayak when it launches next year, but if you preorder through Kickstarter today, you can get one for $699. If you miss today’s earlybird sale, you can expect to pay $749, which is still a solid discount.

NARS Flash Sale | HauteLook

If you’ve got the need for NARS, head over to HauteLook, where quite a few palettes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, fake lashes, foundation sticks, and more are marked down to some stunning prices. Just be sure to act fast, or else your favorite shade might be swiped from this sale.

A guy could build his entire wardrobe at Perry Ellis. They offer everything from tees to suits, and if it’s in their sale section today, it’s an extra 40% off at checkout. We’re talking $15 boxer briefs, $30 tees, $40 watches, so load up!

Remember all those times your mom told you to sit up straight? Turns out, she was right (duh). If you’re now a hunched-over adult, straighten out your spine with a

posture corrector from Amazon, on sale for $18 with promo code VYA9J2XA. The brace works by promoting long term muscle memory, and it’s made of comfortable, breathable material, so you can wear it under anything. Your mom would be so proud.

Although it looks exactly like a leg stretching medieval torture device, this

Teeter Inversion Table can actually be quite helpful for those who suffer from back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and more. Today, you can get this normally-$349+ table for just $240 , if you don’t mind getting a blemished one.

Even for those without back injuries,

this table can be used to amp up your workout, by allowing for more range of motion and thus deeper stretching. The table features a lumbar bridge, acupressure nodes, and secure ankle cups so you don’t fall off.

This deal will only last through the end of day or until the product sells out, so pick it up before the price flips back.

Today’s Best Media DeaLS

Here’s the perfect gift for the Zelda fan with everything.

Hyrule Historia is your definitive guide to the history of the Zelda franchise, and it’s down to $17 today, within a couple bucks of its best price ever. Now, you won’t have to chop a bunch of grass or break any pots to afford it.

You don’t have to be a music major to get an extensive musical education, thanks to Amazon. Right now,

Prime Students can enjoy Amazon Music Unlimited for just $1 per month —because you should be putting your money toward more important things, like tuition and books and stuff. You’ll gain unlimited access to over 50 million songs on-demand, with the ability to listen offline and via Alexa. Finally, all those hours in class have paid off.

Today’s Best Gaming Deals

If you love

Monopoly , but don’t love how long it takes to finish a game, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in such good company, that the makers of Monopoly created an objectively fun card version of the classic board game. You can finish one full game of Monopoly Deal in 15 minutes, but I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll go for another round.

Even better, Monopoly Deal is a deal today; you can make this game your property by

purchasing on Amazon for just $4 —just don’t try to pay with Monopoly money. Rich Uncle Pennybags tips his hat at you burgeoning entrepreneurs.





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Deals You May Have Missed

Who doesn’t love a good BOGO deal? Right now, when buy one game, you’ll get another for 50% off on Amazon. These are games already preselected by Amazon to be included in the deal, so you cannot just add two games to your cart and call it a day. You will need to select two games from the l

imited-time offer landing page .

You can choose from Final Fantasy VII for PS4, No Man’s Sky for Xbox One, Days Gone for PS4, Mortal Kombat 11 for PS4, and so much more. To get this offer, you’ll need to add the two games from the landing page via the “Add to Basket” option, then when you’re done shopping, the offer will automatically be applied during checkout.

If you want to take your streaming game to the next level, Elgato’s time-saving and workflow-automating

Stream Deck Mini is on sale for $60 right now, down from its usual $100.
The Accessories You Need to Kick Off Your Streaming Career

Streamers are the new rockstars, and if you want to get in on the action, you’ll need a proper set…

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Its six keys are actually tiny, customizable LCD screens, and you can assign them to different actions and workflows on YouTube, Twitch, and other popular streaming platforms. It’s basically a very cool, very elegant alternative to custom keybindings and keyboard shortcuts, and it would make a great gift.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is the greatest work in the history of filmmaking that included a killer rabbit, and its

40th anniversary Blu-ray is just $8 today on Amazon . It comes with Prime shipping, so you should get it in a couple of days, but I’m sure they’d string it between a couple of swallows to get it to you faster, if you asked.

Exercise balls are excellent for a variety of fitness and stability activities. You can work on your core during a workout or while sitting in your office once you snag an URBNFit exercise ball on sale. You can get a 65 CM URBNFit Exercise Ball in

black and blue for $9 and red for $11 on Amazon when you use the promo code RXQFXJLT.

Wellen’s Easy Chinos are a perfect example of

Fourth Pants . Pants that aren’t jeans, chinos, or dress pants, but rather a versatile hybrid that you can wear while exercising, while lounging around the house, while running errands, or while trekking through the airport.
Meet “Fourth Pants”: The Best Travel / Workout / Whatever Pants You Never Knew You Needed

I need to introduce you guys to a menswear term we invented at SG HQ: Fourth Pant. You know them;…

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Worn with an untucked shirt, the Easy Chinos will look just like a pair of chinos. But the difference is that that the waistband is elastic, and drawstring-secured for a comfortable fit when you just can’t be bothered to wear a belt. Get a pair from Huckberry today for $68, down from the usual $88.

It’s summer, so naturally, you should be spending a ton of time in the great outdoors—just don’t do it without the proper gear. Right now, L.L.Bean is putting on their biggest sale of the season: the Summer Clearance Sale. Pick up some new apparel, gear for camping, outdoor equipment, packs, and more, all up to 70% off. Just be sure to load up before the sun sets on these excellent outdoor deals.

Summer is currently doing 95 MPH and speeding toward Fall. If you’re heading back to school, or your kids are, you probably looking for all of the best sales. You can now shop Vera Bradley’s 25% Off Back-to-School Essentials Sale. You can get items like the Iconic Campus Back, Iconic Lunch Bunch, Iconic Zip ID Case, and more for 25% off. There is no promo code needed, the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

If you’re in need of some new makeup, today’s a good day to stock up. At Tarte Cosmetics’ Friends & Family Sale, you can take 25% off everything on the site—or sign up to be a Loyalty Member (it’s free) and unlock 30% off—with promo code BESTIES. Pick up some foundation, mascara, and palettes galore, before this sale is over.

Surprise! Kate Spade is taking up to 75% off a selection of purses via their Surprise Sale. Over 450 styles are up for grabs, from classic totes to jazzed-up crossbody bags and a variety wallets, not to mention a solid selection of jewelry and apparel. Just know you may have to enter your email address in order to shop (sorry). Be sure to bag this deal soon; the savings will only last for a few more days.

Step into summer with some new TOMS on your feet. Right now, Nordstrom Rack is marking down TOMS for men, women, and kids, including slip-ons, flats, sneakers,

espadrilles , and more. Not to mention, there’s a selection of TOMS sunglasses on sale as well. There’s sure to be a style to suit your summer shoe needs, so shop now before it sells out.
The Best Summer Espadrilles at Every Price Point

More than any other season, summer is a time for doing: cookouts, rooftop bars, weddings, and…

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There is nothing more annoying than waiting in a long line to get into a stadium, only to be told you cannot bring your bag inside. Never worry about this when you’re watching your favorite NFL team when you snag one of these clear,

stadium-approved bags . That is if you ever make it from the parking lot tailgate to the stadium entrance.

If you

don’t own a pressure cooker , today’s a great day to fix that, as Walmart’s knocked the highly-rated Instant Pot IP-DUO60 down to $59, and one of the lowest price we’ve ever seen.
Why You Should Have a Pressure Cooker in Your Kitchen

Pressure cookers are amazing kitchen tools, and if you haven't worked with one since your…

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Instant Pots do more than just cook foods quickly, though they certainly do that. In fact, it’s is also

our readers’ favorite slow cooker , and an amazing rice cooker too . To put a fine point on it: It’s one of the most versatile kitchen gadgets you can own, and worthy of all the hype.

Just make sure to clip the coupon code on the page.

These Are the Best Rice Cookers There were a ton of nominations in this week’s hunt for the best rice cooker, but two stood out…Read on co-op.​theinventory.​com
Your Favorite Slow Cooker Is Instant Pot - Which Is Also a Pressure Cooker

Having had some time to stew it over, it seems that our readers’ favorite slow cooker isn’t…

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I’m furious the Instant Pot makes better rice than my expensive Asian rice cooker

Like anything with a modicum of mainstream popularity, my reaction to the Instant Pot was initially …

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growlers and howlers to tumblers and camp cups , Miir makes some of our favorite drinkware around, whether you’re hauling it into the backcountry, or sipping from it at home.

Today on Amazon , most of their wares (including the wine bottle and wine tumbler , which are usually excluded from these sales) are 25% off their regular prices (prices vary a bit by color, in some cases), and our readers can save an extra 25% on anything they sell with promo code Kinjadeals25. We’ll toast to that. A few favorites are below (including the brand new kid’s bottle , just in time for back-to-school), but you can also just head over to Miir’s Amazon storefront and browse from there.
MiiR Reinvented The Camp Cup

You might know MiiR for their bikes and bags, but they’re also one of our favorite drinking vessel…

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Pour One Out For Your Other Growlers And Go Buy MiiR's

MiiR, maker of our favorite camp cups, made a damn good growler a while back. Now they’ve perfected …

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Note: This sale is only available through Tuesday.

All-Clad cookware is the holy grail of kitchen gear , but buying a lot of their pans can cost as much as redoing your kitchen. But every few months, the All-Clad Factory Seconds sale reemerges and gives the rest of us a chance to buy the best of the best.
Stainless Steel Doesn't Get Enough Love

Today, we’re talking about the most perfect cookware material on Earth: stainless steel. Before you …

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Factory Seconds pans may feature minor cosmetic issues like scratches, or damaged packaging, but are still genuine, bona fide All-Clad pans, complete with aluminum or copper cores that extend all the way up the side walls for fast and even heating.

I’ve gotten a few Factory Seconds in my time, and they’ve all been in great condition, but just note that all sales are final.

Note: You’ll have to enter your email address to access the sale.

Looking to eliminate some stress in your life? You can get a weighted blanket on sale right now and see why everyone keeps raving about them. Depending on your size, it is suggested to get a blanket that is about 7-12% of your body weight. Typically, we see a lot of 15-pound blankets on sale, but BUZIO is offering 30% off their 25-pound blanket on Amazon.

You can get

48" x 72", 15-pound weighted blanket for $44 when you use the promo code SQ9PFZ54. The 60" x 80", 20-pound blanket is $53 when you use promo code D2KJMVYW.  The 60" x 80", 25-pound blanket is $70 when you use the promo code CZR9WN4V.

We love label makers around these parts, but while banging out words and symbols on a tiny, physical keyboard and a black-and-white screen can be a fun blast from the past, it makes sense in this day and age to

connect your label maker to your smartphone .

Brother’s P-Touch Cube is down to an all-time low $30 today, and offloads the creative part of the label-making process to your phone. Use Brother’s app to select from a variety of fonts, frames, and symbols, then send your labels to the Cube printer over Bluetooth to bring them to life. Just don’t go overboard; label addiction is real.

Iced coffee is a brilliant way to sell people ice for the price of coffee (which is mostly water to begin with).

Cold brew on the other hand is a different process that results in less acidity, among other benefits, and you can do it yourself at home with this top-selling Takeya, now down to $16 on Amazon after you clip coupon on page, within about a dollar of an all-time low.
Bestsellers: Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Iced coffee is a brilliant way to sell people ice for the price of coffee (which is mostly water to …

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This non-coffee drinker bought one of these a couple years ago, and I loved the thing (though admittedly, I have since upgraded to the

OXO alternative ). All you have to do is fill the basket with ground coffee, fill the container with water, and let it steep overnight in the fridge. The resulting coffee concentrate needs to be watered down, so one batch should last you several days.

If you own a pet, you need to have a bottle of

Biokleen Bac-Out at the ready, and it’s down to its best price in years on Amazon right now.
Five Cleaning Products Every Cat Owner Needs

You love your cat, but maybe you don’t super love the messes your cat makes. The fur on your…

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Here’s what cleaning expert Jolie Kerr had to say about it

on The Inventory :

If you’ve been struggling to find a product that will nuke cat pee smell from carpet, upholstered furniture, mattresses and hard surfaces, struggle no more: You need Biokleen Bac-Out. It’s The Thing for cat pee odor elimination and, unlike other similar products, it’s effective on a variety of textiles and surfaces, which means you don’t need separate products for, say, tile floors versus carpeting.

Get a bottle for $7 today with Subscribe & Save (you can cancel after your first delivery), or $8 without it. Either way, that’s a couple bucks less than usual, and the best price on Amazon since 2017.

Anker’s SoundCore Spirit X headphones are the sportiest member of the SoundBuds family, and are designed with active users in mind. Their ear wings ensure they stay put while you exercise, and an internal hydrophobic coating means your sweat won’t fry them. Hell, you could even swim with them. Their best spec though? 12 hours of battery life, which is basically unheard of in the space.

They normally sell for $36-$40, but today, you can get a pair for an all-time low $22. Even if you already have a set of wireless headphones, it never hurts to toss an extra pair in your gym bag or luggage in case you forget them.

Full stop, the

UE Boom 3 is one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers you can buy . It’s waterproof. It floats. It sounds amazing. It’s easy to use. And not for nothing, it looks beautiful.
The UE Boom 3 Is Good Redesign at Its Best

One of my first Gizmodo stories was about Logitech getting serious about design. It was published a …

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Today on Amazon,

all four colors are marked down to $120 , matching an all-time low price. I suggest buying two, or three, or up to 150, because they can all be synced together to play the same audio in perfect harmony.

So that microSD card you bought for your Switch a few years ago can no longer hold all of your games. I get it, I’m right there with you. But it’s a really cheap and easy fix today.

Amazon’s got a

U3-rated Samsung 512GB card marked down to an all-time low $87 right now, or if you can get by with 256GB, an ever-popular SanDisk card is marked down to $35 . The former is an all-time low, and the latter is within $5 of the best price we’ve seen.

V-Moda ’s design language is unmistakable, and not everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no denying that they make really great headphones. Their Crossfade Wireless over-ears are virtually indestructible, can run in both wireless and wired mode, and pack in massive 50mm drivers that should sound terrific no matter what you’re listening to. Today, all four colors are marked down to $100 on Amazon, an all-time low.

Third party,

MFi certified USB-C to Lightning cables are finally here, and this $10 cable deal from RAVPower (with promo code KINJA809) is one of the most affordable we’ve seen to date. That costs more than a regular third party Lightning cable, but if you plug it into a USB-C PD charger, it’ll charge your iPhone at 18W. With regular Lightning cables, you’re limited to 12W.

For context, that means you can charge a newer iPhone from 0% to 50% in just 30 minutes, which can really pay dividends while you’re traveling, and want to get as much juice as possible into your phone while you’re waiting to board a flight.

Upgrade your Instant Pot experience with this set of

accessories that your friends aren’t sick of hearing you talk about yet . Make perfect hard boiled eggs, steamed veggies, and roasted meats with this OXO Silicone Egg Rack, Steamer Basket, and Roasting Rack. They’re all on sale for just $22 at Daily Steals with promo code KJOXO, so buy now before this deal is fully cooked.
Instant Pot Accessories Your Friends Aren't Tired Of Hearing You Talk About. Yet.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are behind us, and in their wake, thousands of new Instant Pot…

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If you have yet to look into the

benefits of retinol , you’re missing out on some serious skin tone-evening, fine line-reducing skincare magic. So get your skincare routine up to date with this Perricone MD High Potency Classics Firming Evening Repair serum. It works overnight to promote smooth, glowy skin, and right now, it’s just $40 at Daily Steals with promo code KJPRMD. Buy now, and start reaping the skincare rewards soon.
The Retinol Skincare Products to Steal from Your Girlfriend

Razor burn. Acne. Sun spots. Scars. Wrinkles.

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Not only are

USB-C PD battery packs getting cheaper; they’re getting more powerful too. This one from RAVPower has a 45W USB-C port that can charge a MacBook or MacBook Air at full speed, or a MacBook Pro pretty quickly. Not that long ago, battery packs over 30W were basically unheard of.

It’s also right in the Goldilocks zone in terms of size:

20,100mAh is plenty to keep your laptop or Switch charged on a cross-country flight without taking up too much space. Clip the $3 coupon and add promo code KINJA591 at checkout to get it for $44 today.

The best place for a Qi charging pad is in your car , and now you can get one for the best price we’ve ever seen. This mount from TaoTronics attaches to an air vent and plugs into any car USB charger to provide power to your phone while keeping it near eye level so you can use it safely as a GPS.
Your Car Is the Best Place For a Wireless Charger

You probably don’t think much of plugging in your smartphone every time you get into your car, and…

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Get it for just $12 today with promo code PI7YLDF4. That’s not much more than you’d expect to pay for a plain old vent mount, but it’s totally unprecedented for one with wireless charging.

If you’re still wiping drool off your face after

Samsung’s recent Galaxy Note10 announcement , you can get up to $150 in bonus cash to spend with Samsung by preordering your phone now.

You can preorder your device here, and then follow the instructions once you receive it to get your credit for the Shop Samsung app, which includes everything from headphones and smartphone accessories to TVs and washing machines.

Samsung Thinks Two Galaxy Notes Might Be Better Than One

The Galaxy Note line is kind of an albatross. The original Galaxy Note was the phone that started…

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Preorders of the Galaxy Note10 are eligible for a $100 credit, while Note10+ owners can claim the maximum $150, which can help ease the sting of the latter’s $1,100 starting price.

This isn’t Anker’s biggest, most loudest, or longest lasting Bluetooth speaker,

but it costs 13 dollars (half as much as usual), ships for free with Prime, and is small enough to take with you to a picnic or whatever. That’s a fair trade in my book.

Toilet paper, for reasons that should be obvious, is not a purchase you should skimp on. Could you find 24 large rolls of single ply for less than $19? Sure, of course. But this is

Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare , and it’s softer, more absorbent, and can stand up to moisture far better than the cheap stuff.

Clip the coupon on the page to pinch $9 off the price of the 24-pack, bringing it down to easily the best price ever.

Anker’s home brand Eufy has quietly built up quite the catalog of highly rated smart home gadgets, and our readers can save 40% on a bunch of them today with promo code KINJASMART.

The deals start with smart plugs, as all smart homes should. Get one of the company’s mini plugs (with energy monitoring!) for $14, or a pair of them for $24.

The sexier deals though are all about lighting. Whether you should buy a

smart light switch or smart light bulbs is a matter of some debate , and really depends on how the lighting is set up in your home, but whichever route you go, these prices are incredibly affordable.
Should You Buy Smart Light Bulbs or Smart Light Switches?

So you’re finally dipping your toe into the smart home pool, and you’re looking for some gadgets to …

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If you’re going to spend a third of your life sleeping, you might as well make it good. A charcoal-infused, hypoallergenic pillow from Urban Bloom is like a sweet pillow dream, and right now, Huckberry is offering up 20% savings, making this a sweet pillow deal, too. At $111, the memory foam-filled Aros model is nothing but cold sides, so your sleep is cool, clean, and comfortable as possible. Get yours now, and rest easy knowing you didn’t sleep on a great deal.

Beyond the standard $50 discounts you hear about in the middle of every podcast, Casper mattresses don’t go on sale often, and Casper accessory deals are even rarer. But this 10% sitewide sale (live now) holds the promise of serious savings, if you still haven’t gotten rid of that old coil spring.

They’ve run the same deal for a few other holidays this year, but this is still a solid deal if you’re in the market for a great bed.

To get this deal, you have to buy either a Casper or Wave mattress (sorry, dog mattresses don’t count), so you can’t take advantage if you’re only shopping for accessories. But 10% savings on a standard Casper mattress works out to nearly $100 on a queen, or as much as $240 on the new, advanced Wave mattress. Just use promo code SLEEPCOOL at checkout to see the savings stack up.

The Internet Mattress Evolved: Casper Wave

Casper was newly formed when I first went to their New York City showroom, which consisted of an…

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If you haven’t bought yourself a new pair of swim trunks since college, you should treat yourself to something nice while it’s still warm out. Huckberry’s currently running a big sale on fashionable trunks from a variety of brands, including Howler Brothers, Suit, and Outerknown, just to name a few.

The sale definitely leans towards modern, shorter, tighter cuts, but there’s something for everyone here, whether you like simple dark trunks, or want to show off a splash of color poolside. This is a clearance sale, so sizing availability can be a bit spotty, but with so many options, you shouldn’t have much trouble finding something good.

Even if you don’t know what a Breton shirt is by name, you’d definitely know it if you see it. Originating in 1858 as the official uniform of French navy in Brittany, the iconic horizontal stripes have been co-opted into a staple of men’s fashion for, oh, the last century or so. It even has a Wikipedia page.

Today, French company Armor-Lux is the official manufacturer of the Breton, and you can save on several of their wares at Huckberry right now. Unfortunately, the classic black-on-white Breton isn’t discounted, but other colors are, as are the double striped sweaters popularized by Mick Jagger.

Firstleaf is an online wine club that

learns your preferences, offers tons of great wines from around the world, and most importantly, saves you money compared to buying from the store.

Every new Firstleaf member gets an introductory delivery with six bottles of wine for just $40 with free shipping, and every box thereafter includes six bottles for $80, plus $10 shipping. But if you use this link when you sign up, you’ll get FREE shipping on every box for your entire first year. That’ll save you over $100 if you get a new box every month. At the very least, you should send Mom the trial box for less than $7 per bottle. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

Back in March, Private Internet Access (

our readers’ favorite VPN service )raised its prices for the first time ever . And while our readers can still get an exclusive 3-years for $99 plan, they just lowered their other plans back to their old prices for a limited time.
The Best VPN, According to Our Readers: Private Internet Access

VPNs are a hot topic these days, and our readers made it abundantly clear that Private Internet…

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The reason this is a big deal is that you can renew your membership as many times as you want at whatever price you originally paid. Once the prices go back to normal, you’ll still be locked into the lower rate.

Here are the new (old) promotional prices, along with what you’d normally pay:

  • 1 month: $6.95 (down from $9.99)
  • 1 year: $39.95 (down from $71.88)

Clearly, the annual plan is the sweet spot here if you don’t want to commit to the three-year plan, but $6.95/month for 10 simultaneous connections, clients for just about every conceivable device, and servers in 32 countries (foreign Netflix, anyone?). We aren’t sure when the prices will go back up, so you probably want to lock in your account ASAP.

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