Changed the Oil on the V50 for the First Time

Aspirational Heap Owner Aug 04, 2019. 14 comments

I paid a shop to change the oil right before the spring cruise, and with that trip and all the others it had racked up 4,500 miles on conventional by the time I got back from Banff, so it was overdue. It burned about 3/4 of a quart that I refilled on my way back, but even then, the engine had started to shudder very noticeably for anywhere between five and twenty seconds after a cold start.

I had the shop put in a Fumoto valve when they did the oil change, so draining was a breeze:

The annoying part is that I have to take a few pieces of the air intake off and then use a u-joint, an extension, and a giant 36 mm socket to remove the oil filter:

Still, it was mostly annoying in that I had to go get everything besides the ratchet; now that I have the stuff, it’s fine. It might actually be faster to do this than to struggle with a smooth metal filter mounted underneath, like on the previous two vehicles I’ve changed oil on.

After replacing the filter (and double-checking the Fumoto valve), I filled the engine up with 5W-30 full synthetic high mileage, which will hopefully help with the burning issue. Since I don’t daily drive and I don’t plan too many more road trips for the year (and none nearly as long as Banff), this oil will likely be in until spring.

Thanks for reading my boring description of a boring maintenance task (that I nonetheless enjoyed doing because it’s been a while). Here are some photos from Banff for your time:


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