Friday Ford Shenanigans

dukeofdiecast Jul 20, 2019. 4 comments

Kowalski drove his Ram, today. Some buddies came by... with Mustangs... they didn’t want me driving the Falcon. ...said I was embarrassing them lol


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Hour Rule Hour Rule

Just thought I’d sneak one (or two) in;)

Some Ups & Downs Some Ups & Downs

Okay, only one down. I’ve realized that the windshield is too tall on this 918 Spyder casting. Other than that, the casting is AMAZING. The Senna and Paganis are great imo. I hope you enjoy!(:

Hour Rule: They're Heeeeeeerrreeeeeee Hour Rule: They're Heeeeeeerrreeeeeee

More pics coming, hopefully soon! (:

Today's Haul Today's Haul

Johnny Lightning, Schuco, and Mini GT. I had to crack them ASAP! I hope I get to take some nice pics, this time around. The Defender 90 has AWESOME details. Really, they all do. The Defender just catches my eye more.

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LALD Car Week: 1960s LALD Car Week: 1960s

I was tempted to post a late 60s muscle car today but then I realized that I will likely be posting an American car tomorrow for 50s day. So I went for a good ole Ferrari 250, an LM in this case. A beautiful car with a storied racing history, and worth about as much as a mansion in Malibu,...

LaLD Car Week: 1969 Team Petty Transport LaLD Car Week: 1969 Team Petty Transport

Richard Petty is one of the all time greats of stock car racing. Traditionally a Mopar guy, Petty shocked the NASCAR world by switching to Ford for 1969. I made myself a team transport of the 1969 Petty stable: a flatbed and a Torino Cobra.

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1970s day for LaLD Car Week is a perfect opportunity to show off some of my favorite early Z cars. Mostly Hotwheels and one TLV. Something about the classic shape of these cars has drawn me in, I’ve started collecting them more and more. I plan to add the upcoming RLC Chameleon 240Z as well. But for now, enjoy some...

LALD Car Week: 1980s LALD Car Week: 1980s

Well I was planning to post some DeLoreans, then I saw some others had the same idea. So I decided to go with something completely different: two Ford LTD Crown Victoria Wagons. One’s a 1986 the other is a 1988 in NYPD livery. Both are 1/64 scale by Greenlight. My favorite feature on these castings is most definitely the opening...

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The original NSX (Honda or Acura) was most definitely an iconic 90s sports car. Some might even call it a supercar. I’ve always been a fan of it, and felt 90s day was a good opportunity to show off the two I have in my collection. A hotwheels Acura NSX (red) lowered on Monoblock wheels and a unaltered Tomica Premium...

LALD Car Week 2019: 2000s LALD Car Week 2019: 2000s

Back to my usual 1:64 shenanigans on this one. For the 2000s: The often forgotten Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren is an interesting supercar, I always thought it looked cool with its long hood hiding a supercharged V8 engine underneath. Matchbox’s take on this car is a beautifully executed casting, and this version is nice and simple with the right paint and...

Custom MBX 280ZX Custom MBX 280ZX

Picked up one of the new Matchbox 280ZXs w/ opening doors a few weeks ago. I appreciate the retro deco, but instantly wanted to repaint it. So, after some Splash Paints Long Beach Blue, 2K clear, plenty of detailing, real riders, and slight lowering, here’s my result: last photo here is the original deco.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Just thought I’d sneak one (or two) in;)

Rising Sun Mail Call, Plus Kyosho Goodness Rising Sun Mail Call, Plus Kyosho Goodness

Last week I put in a low-ish bid on a Kyosho Lancia Delta that had free shipping from a seller in Japan. On Saturday, to my suprise, I snagged it for about $13 shipped (these tend to go for $20-25 shipped) maybe because white is not the most popular color? Eh I don’t know, and I don’t care. To my...

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Monday’s are such a drag.