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TheRealBicycleBuck Jul 19, 2019. 9 comments

Peak mall crawler has been achieved.

I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford one of these. Nor would I want to drive one. The F-150 I’m driving is more than big enough. And the price?



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This was one of those special moments in life where you realize that the ideal gas law applies to every day life. It appears the temperature rose enough inside the car to cause the pressure inside the can to exceed the maximum pressure rating. Although I did not get to witness the explosion, the aftermath wasn’t as bad as one...

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Update:And the Entitlement continues! I was surprised and confused when the fellow I thought owned the Mercedes doesn’t leave in it. I was even more surprised when lady in the shop, the lady who was helping us, says she needs to move her car, then hops into the Mercedes!I was practically dumbfounded when she parked it. Granted, the spaces aren’t well...

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Smash and Grab. I was fortunate that I hadn’t packed the truck to leave Houston for the weekend. However, they did grab my laptop bag with my work laptop, a couple of external hard drives, my personal iPad, my monogrammed gadget bag, a small Olympus camera, and worst of all, a couple of weeks of work that hadn’t been backed...

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