DOTS: A work survivor

shop-teacher Jul 16, 2019. 5 comments

This will probably seem strange to those who don’t live in the rust belt, but the only GMT-400s you see at work anymore around here, are rusty beat up piles. I’ve seen this at least 19 year old Chevy 2500 pulling FedEx duty a couple times now. It looks really clean. It makes me happy every time I see it.


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It's Hammer Time It's Hammer Time

That is all.

Post outrageous lies about your pet Post outrageous lies about your pet

I’ll start: Hammer is the only cat to have ever won the Iditarod.

Obligatory Brake Post Obligatory Brake Post

The front brakes on my truck started hitting the squealers a few weeks ago. Frankly I’m shocked they lasted this long. They were last done in October of 2011, at 69k miles. Eight years and 75k miles on truck brakes, is not too shabby!Anyways, I knew they needed to be done sooner than later. This weekend I took an impromptu...

Moar kittay content Moar kittay content

This is Kit Kat. She belongs to my buddy Bill. He’s the one who rode shotgun when I gambled the RallyMetro, and rode a clapped out Helix with me while I gambled my Zuma 125 last year. I’m at his house to do the front brakes on my truck, but that’s not important. What’s important is kitty cat. She is...

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It was eggplant colored and made all the right noises.


Boat edition

Like a nice pair of old shoes. Like a nice pair of old shoes.

So mobile doesn’t work again? Posting this was a royal pain in the ass.

Seen at breakfast Seen at breakfast

It’s a ‘51 Chev one tonne. The bed still dumps. The owners just bought it and are in the process of cleaning it up. It looked great.

Not something I expected to see for rent Not something I expected to see for rent

I wouldn't drive a Moke in modern traffic, would you?

DOTS: Long Edition DOTS: Long Edition

This is the only remotely interesting vehicle I have seen here.

New Truck on the Block New Truck on the Block

Although not actually new: apparently the owner has had it since before I moved in (over a year ago), but it’s been in the body shop for a long time.


You Yeropeeans are invading again! :PSpotted this second-gen FIAT Ducato RV on German plates at the grocery store in Lunenburg earlier today! :D ...also, this really pristine facelift first-gen Ford Ranger was there too...