Oppo Why Am I Up This Early?

Aspirational Heap Owner Jul 09, 2019. 8 comments

Some bonehead booked me a 6 AM flight.

Oh right, that bonehead was me.


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Some Photos from Today Some Photos from Today

Today Ravna and I drove (well, I drove, Ravna rode) from Portland to the small town of Cranbrook, British Columbia. It was the longest driving day so far for both Ravna and my Volvo: 9 hours and 540 miles. They both did a great job!Here’s some random shots I took throughout the day, in chronological order:

Hour Rule DotS Hour Rule DotS

Had to reach way back in the vault for this one (I’m pretty sure I didn’t post this one already).

DotS From the Vault DotS From the Vault

Super orange, super blingy baller pickup (I think GM?)

DotS: A Robit! DotS: A Robit!

While on the evening walk today, I came across this robitified Lincoln Mk Z! I’d never even heard of this autonomous driving company (“Designated Driver”). They seem to be taking Tesla’s approach of cameras instead of lidar. Three front-facing cams, one rear, and two pucks with “NovAtel” logos (a company that makes high-precision GPS receivers).