I had almost forgotten...

How good the TJ wrangler looks in stock form. So many of them have been lifted and diamond-plated and adorned with LED bars that a stock one is a pleasant surprise.

Last night I was working the door at a bar and a regular arrived in a green-over-tan Sahara identical to this one. Even had reasonable tires. It was a 4.0/5-speed with the original top and seats too. So nice.


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Cherokee is Gone Cherokee is Gone

It went to an 18-year-old kid about to be a senior in high school. He said he’s loved Jeeps forever, and his dad had a Cherokee like it. His parents drove it with him, he’s about to get his full license, and He’s in auto shop and says he wants to take engineering. He offered $1000. I said yes. Signed...

Cherokee Buyer was a No-Show Cherokee Buyer was a No-Show

Oh well. I may well keep it. I’m getting ideas anyway... grassroots motorsports jeepgrassroots motorsports jeepRead more Read

Teachers of Oppo Teachers of Oppo

Do you ever get all swollen with pride when you’re grading projects? Also, the multiple cups of coffee are how I get through my day: Holy shit I’m fat. 

It’s been a while, Oppo It’s been a while, Oppo

Today is a teacher workday and I’m in a classroom that may or may not become mine within the next few hours. They don’t know exactly where they want to put me and I don’t even have a roster for the class that starts tomorrow. Gotta love overcrowded, underfunded school systems. I spent two weeks in seventh grade doing NCFE...

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morning oppo morning oppo

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Project IceBox - Officially Totaled (as predicted) Project IceBox - Officially Totaled (as predicted)

No shock to anyone it was declared a total loss yesterday. Getting a nice payout for it though which means we’re off and car shopping for another SUV.Wife wants 3 rows so that crosses off any modern Jeeps. Her front runners are a 2011 Yukon Denali I saw, 2015/16 Ford Explorers and similar year Dodge Durangos.She really likes the Denali....

Sunday Driver Sunday Driver

This thing was clean, but was obviously used well. No garage Queen here, just how I like ‘em.

I Joop, therefore I flex I Joop, therefore I flex

Seent last night after leaving the movie theater with my son. There were other spaces closer to the building, too.

I like this way more than I should I like this way more than I should

I could rock the lowered Jeep Renegade. Because it’s kind of like this Which is kinda like this Which is best car.

Hey. Hey.

2 door Cherokee. That is all.

Buon Natale Buon Natale

The antlers won’t fit on the dual-pane windows so it’s just for the photo op. Merry Xmas and safe holidays to all!!

This is a Thing  This is a Thing 

That I like. I think roof baskets look good on all SUV’s, especially the Grand Cherokee. I spotted this at my school, today, and I need it so hard.