Time to pay the doggo tax

nth256 May 21, 2019. 13 comments

We buddies.


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Saw a Z3 in the parking lot earlier... Saw a Z3 in the parking lot earlier...

This is not it. But it got me thinking... If an M coupe is known as the clownshoe, would the Z3 vert be a clown sandal?(fixed my stupid, hope nobody noticed...)

From FP, of all places From FP, of all places

Silverado truck face on a Camaro works startlingly well!EDIT: fuggin Kinja... Linky McLinkface

CADalopnik CADalopnik

Got a hotfix pushed last night that keeps my layout tabs from jumping around, awesome!Also, a small rant regarding management.Why I love having a dedicated CAD manager:Someone to offer advice for tough design problemsSomeone to help keep our plans looking consistent and cleanSomeone to intercede when an engineer says, "This should take, what, like, 30 minutes at most".Why I hate...