I’m Going To Need An Explanation

PatBateman May 21, 2019. 17 comments

That’s a whole lot of WTF in one picture. Take it all in, y’all. I’m sure there’s nothing nefarious happening.


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No Manuel. TeH eNgInE iS iN tEh WrOnG pLaCeHoOd tOo ShOrTNo ThReE pRoNg StEeRiNg WhEeLzReAr EnD dOeSn’T lOoK lIkE a FeRrArILoOkS tOo MuCh LiKe A fErRaRiBuTtOnSAnd finally,BoOmErS lulz

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Amazing!!  I hear if you take a full pic, the app puts Jean shorts and New Balance shoes on you.  Technology, man...  just crazy. 

This Is What Happens... This Is What Happens...

...When you make an intelligent snarky remark and the article gets cross-posted to Deadspin. You get ALL the Stars. Actually, it's kind of annoying. My notifications keeps lighting up.

Money.  Money. 

That is all.

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hour rule hour rule

no idea what it is


It’s real! https://adage.com/article/media/trumpy-bear-fox-news-ad/315580/ We are living inside The Onion, folks.


There wasn't a single car behind me! And if you didn't see me, how didn't you see the minivan right beside me! Thank god I hit my horn and the minivan braked because otherwise someone was going to get hit. Muted because I was on the phone with my mom... no one needs to hear that!

SO this....THING is in my area SO this....THING is in my area

What in gods name have they done to it.....

Just Saw This Outside Work Just Saw This Outside Work

Driven by a 17 year old...

Oppo, Identify This: Oppo, Identify This:

Looks like a modern version of the Excursion. I thought they made them in Mexico, but I’ve never seen one here. Also, I think Hennessey makes a version as well (could be an HPE, since this is at NRG Stadium in Houston. Bonus pic of Texans players’ car lot.

safety....... safety.......

what’s that?

So weird So weird

I got notifications that these “people” are now following me. Their profiles are really out there.