Not a muscle car guy, but...

Just Jeepin' May 10, 2019. 9 comments

This restoration process is way beyond me, but this car is the first to make me think, maybe I could have fun with an old muscle car.


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Here be dragons (and a car) Here be dragons (and a car)

Brown County in Indiana has occasionally been called the Little Smokies, as the sign below explains. Lovely area, and I do love a good rainy day for photos. And for your time, some pretty car in nearby Nashville.

Gus Gus

Not many non-basketball legends from southern Indiana. Gus Grissom is perhaps the exemplar. There’s a nice memorial at the Spring Mill State Park, near his hometown of Mitchell.

More Southern Indiana pics More Southern Indiana pics

Q: Why did the wooly worms cross the road?A: I don’t know but dodging them is stressing me the out!I apologize for the poor quality of the second truck pic. It was taken through a door window that has been in storage for 7 months. But what a great truck.

Good morning Oppo Good morning Oppo

Made a road trip to Skyline Drive and Starve Hollow in southern Indiana this morning. Unfortunately I was about 15 minutes too late to get the photo I wanted, but some decent shots nonetheless. And a short video. (Some...interesting graffiti.)

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Nice price? Nice price?

V6 Camry wagon, 163k miles, for under $2k... Seems like a “why the hell not” price to me.

Found on Montana Craigslist: Kawaii Crawler Edition Found on Montana Craigslist: Kawaii Crawler Edition

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Color, people Color, people

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