George Lucas is clearly bonkers

pip bip - needs a new car badly! Apr 17, 2019. 12 comments



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who wants this diesel Olds?? who wants this diesel Olds??

1985 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Brougham | eBayUp for sale is a 1985 Olds Regency Brougham with 4.3L diesel engine and 4 speed automatic…Read more Read

hour rule hour rule

3 years ago today, the last Ford Falcon was built in Australia

night oppo night oppo

Lake Wendouree, Victoria, Australia. now that the clocks have gone forward one hour, midnight here is 9am east coast USA

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gotta love irony gotta love irony

Man who set adultery laws flogged for adulteryThe 46-year-old Indonesian was caned 28 times; the woman involved was caned 23 times.Read more

The Trailer The Trailer

They seem to be riding horses across the surface of a Star Destroyer. I’m good with that.

late night oppo late night oppo


ungrateful bastard ungrateful bastard

Man pushes birthday present BMW into riverThe Indian man was reportedly upset at getting a BMW rather than a Jaguar for his birthday.Read more Read

Boris to be PM in UK Boris to be PM in UK

Boris Johnson to be UK's next prime ministerThe result of the Tory leadership contest is announced, with Boris Johnson crowned the winner.Read more Read

Going live Going live

So, that lightsaber stuff I posted about a while back? Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag.Click here to view original GIFIt’s now live. DESIGN X SABERDESIGN X SABER is a Y Studios project inspired by the iconic Star Wars lightsaber and some of Y…Read more ReadOver the next week, we’ll be launching a new video every day, our...

Warning: Nerd zone ahead Warning: Nerd zone ahead

I picked up the Boba Fett rat rod recently. I don’t usually go for Hot Wheels’ fantasy models, but you can see why I made an exception.My first encounter with Star Wars was the special edition re-releases in the 90s. I didn’t care about all the crappy additions and edits at the time. All I knew was Boba Fett...

speeding Twingo driver spared fine speeding Twingo driver spared fine

'Holy Spirit' saves driver from speeding finePolice decide to "leave the speeder in peace" after a perfectly placed white dove…Read more ReadLOLmerci Twingo!