hour rule

pip bip - needs a new car badly! Apr 07, 2019. 2 comments

Toyota 2000GT


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the sequel is coming the sequel is coming

A sequel to 'Go the F*ck to Sleep' is here with two kids and more swearingThe not-for-children, truth-telling book about the struggle of getting kids to sleep bed has a…Read more Read

lol lol

Firm liable for business trip death during sexThe French firm must pay compensation after the man had a heart attack during sex with a stranger.Read more Readi found this amusing

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We decided (finally). We decided (finally).

Bringing home a 2019 Toyota Highlander Limited AWD next week. The dealer is detailing it for us and we are shopping around for the best auto rate in the meantime.Please, please, please. Save your hatred for a worthier cause. My wife is happy and I am, too. We are paying off my 6 at the same time we are buying...

hour rule hour rule

Toyota MR2 in South Africa

hour rule hour rule


hour rule hour rule

Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato

Farewell, 4Runner Farewell, 4Runner

Sold: my 4th-gen 4Runner. Lots of good ski trips and not enough good hiking trips under her belt. I’m enough of a sucker to be glad it’s going to a good home. Randomly, the first person who actually came to drive it (after a lot of out of state interest that would have required dealing remotely, shipping, etc.) turned out...

Morning shift. Morning shift.

Well I almost beat pip for hour rule.