Program Management Assistance Needed!

TheRealBicycleBuck Mar 27, 2019. 13 comments

Any Oppos out there work as a Program Manager? I’m looking at software packages appropriate for a large program (100+ projects). MS Project and P6 are already on the list. We would like to have a multi-user solution, but are shying away from a cloud-based solution since the cloud-based package they bought for project management isn’t living up to expectations.

Anyone have a favorite software package that I should consider?


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I guess that's one way to load it. I guess that's one way to load it.

I assume they loaded it backward for weight distribution purposes. Backwards puts the front wheels of the truck just behind the trailer axles. I just wonder about the aerodynamics of the truck traveling backwards. It must act like a big parachute. This may not be much of an issue on a car carrier, but I think it would be rough...

Excellent! Excellent!

An exchange with my daughter this morning: After parking in the school lot last year, she decided a street-parking permit would be a better option. It’s cheaper and she doesn’t have to deal with all of the other kids trying to back out of their spaces and rush for one exit.She made me proud!

That’s cutting it close! That’s cutting it close!

The end spaces at the parking lot are premium because they help prevent door dings on one side and are a lot easier to escape at the end of the day. There was one spot left this morning, but the driver of the red Z overlapped it a bit. I wanted the space, so I put the backup camera...

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