Pie of the Day - Pancake Pie

simon-on-the-river3 Mar 06, 2019. 5 comments

This isn’t the pie I was going to mention. But it is Pancake Day. Can’t imagine trying this - unless somebody cooks it for me - but having made a joke about Pancake Pie I discovered there are loads of things that adopt this moniker.

This one, which amounts to a pile of pancakes with layers of cream and jam before it is sliced for serving might have the lead on some others. And it can double as a pancake cake if you are not fussy.

Oops! I should keep my trap shut. On the other hand, I like the sound of this Salmon Pancake Pie.

Puffy Pancake Pie sounds like a turnover to me.

Other varieties may include pumpkin, cheese, and chicken. 


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