This 90's Citroen has a genius quirk and/or feature!

wbizarre - mesh enthusiast Feb 18, 2019. 10 comments

Look, I’m a real blogger! With a clickbaity title and everything! Ok, fine, it’s a door pocket. Now you know.

So, I was clicking through every single listing on Bring-a-Trailer in a trance-like state for hours on end, as you do, and found this Citroen AX GT 5. At first glance, besides some mildly funky angular styling and asymmetrical badge (sooo european!), this Citroen seemed like a perfectly boring ol’ econobox. And yet, in the process of mindlessly scrolling through the photo gallery, I noticed something that would make Doug DeMuro go tight in the shorts. And here is the quirk/feature in question. Can you spot it?

Yes, in addition to the traditional slim lower pocket, the door has a much deeper and taller one! I’ve never seen another door pocket like it. It looks to be the perfect size for a Literacola, or one of those big reusable water bottles everyone carries nowadays. Or a novelty-size burrito. It even has a little retainer clip, so your bottle/burrito doesn’t fall out during cornering!

Interestingly, the only way that pocket can be so deep is if it doesn’t interfere with the window...which it doesn’t. The AX has a strangely large quarter window taking up a third of the length of the door. I wonder what the Citroen team’s decision process was: were they hell-bent on having that deep tall pocket, and made the rollable part of the window smaller to accommodate, or did they end up with a small rollable window for some other reason and said “hey, we might as well cut a deep pocket since we have all this room inside the door”.

I’m a fan of the rest of the interior as well - very 80's, very layered, very practical, with cubbies big and small in every conceivable spot. Also, look how many vents it has! In addition to the “standard” four directional vents in the upper part of the dashboard, there are 3 more directional vents at the bottom! Maybe the designers felt bad about the small roll-down windows: sorry you can’t get as much air through the windows, but here, have all the vents!



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