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Chapter 5: The story of the Moriko song, part 1

The night has come, Hyakkimaru is covering his ears and looks in pain. He can hear all the things he wasn´t able to hear before, therefore his brain isn´t trained to ignore the unnecessary sounds and focus on the ones that mater. Dororo tries to help, but he can see that his voice is also painful to his ears.

The little one put some robes on his head so he can rest easy, it’s not much, but it will help somewhat, suddenly a bird ghoul appears and Hyakkimaru is having problem dealing with it, in the past he would be able to defeat it, but now, such thing has changed, his new senses are interfering with the way he worked and the pain he suffers limit his strength, luckily for them, the blind Monk appears and kills the enemy. Dororo tells him the situation, adding to that Hyakkimaru needs medicine, but it seems there is a war brewing, a clan has betrayed the Daimyo and both will fight soon.

In the night, Hyakkimaru can´t rest, and the blind Monk starts being rough with him, yelling on his ear telling him to focus only on human´s voice and ignore the others, Dororo doesn´t approve such method and says that the Ronin will get used at his own pace. 

The next morning came and Hyakkimaru wakes up, he starts walking, he finally found a sound that he actually likes, the singing voice of a woman. He starts walking and reaches where a beautiful woman is bathing in the river, she is impressed by the looks of the Ronin, but soon understands that he is blind, Dororo soon appears all worried about Hyakkimaru. The duo soon finds that the lady´s name is Mio. Soon the lady invites them to her house.

On the way, Mio explains that she works at night in order to make a living, but not just for her, but for a lot of kids. The house was almost destroyed, but one can see that Mio is a hard working lady and she truly loves each kid in there and they love her back. One of the kids sent her to eat her breakfast and rest, he has made some for them too. After the breakfast, the blind monk decides to go and see if he can come with a new route in order to not be involved on the war.

Meanwhile at the domains of the Daimyo Daigo, he has news about this war with the other clan, they suddenly decided to turn their back on him, also there hasn´t been any rain and other calamities are appearing on the land, soon enough everything will be just as how it was some time ago, that is what the Daimyo´s wife think, although he begs to differ. In the shadows, Tahomaru listen to everything that is happening.

Later, Dororo is helping with the cleaning while Hyakkimaru is resting, still it seems the little one is getting along with the kids.

Meanwhile, the blind monk has found an empty lot. The soil is nice and can grew a lot of veggies in there; still there are something hiding in there.

Back with Hyakkimaru, the next morning Mio has come back from work, she has some medicine with her, on the stairs she finds the Ronin who is looking at her, she says she has medicine so she will brew it right away! Dororo comes close and is happy to see her. Still Hyakkimaru touches Mio´s mouth and opens his mouth, it seems he wants to say something. Dororo concludes that he must like Mio´s singing. Thing that she happily does.

Later that day the blind monk has come and has the news that he has found a good soil that is unhabituated, by humans but there is a demon in there… Just hearing that, and wanting to show gratitude towards Mio, Hyakkimaru, still recovering, gets up and goes his way. The Blind Monk goes behind him and Dororo commends Hyakkimaru´s safety to the monk.

After that Dororo got to know that Mio will work for the other army too, that way she will earn more money since all of them will move to that empty lot soon. Dororo offers to go and see if she will be alright so the other youngsters won´t be too worried. 

Hyakkimaru and the blind monk have reached the place, both of them go to the fight, Hyakkimaru is suffering from his still unhealed wounds, but still is trying to fight like has always done.

Meanwhile some samurais are bored since they can´t do much, until Mio comes asking for work…

Back with the fight it seems that they will finally eliminated the demon until this one does a last move!

Back with Dororo, the little one has followed Mio, there a scene is happening. Various Samurai are having sexual intercourse with the lady while she is humming a song, like trying to imagine this thing is not happening…This was her “Work”.

Hyakkimaru, meanwhile, is suffering the last attack of the demon has brought back his voice, but it took other thing… His human leg.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

One of the little problems I have with Dororo was how the chapters, while being amazing separately as individual chapters, felt somewhat disjointed one from the other, like it were just a recollection of anecdotes that happened to both Dororo and Hyakkimaru while being disconnected one adventure from the other, the enemy (The Daimyo) at most felt like just a sitting villain that only shakes his fist with fury, but does little to nothing.

Now… On this chapter, that feeling has vanished, this chapter actually made me felt like all of the different characters actually share a world and are getting affected by the actions of our Heroes, by seeing that yes, the land of the Daimyo are starting to go back to being poor and surrounded by enemies, and all of that due to what Hyakkiamru is doing by taking his body back. Which makes us beg the question in what is better? The well being of poor people who are (unknowingly) doing service to the demons, or someone who is getting his body back, a body he didn´t wanted to be stripped from.

This chapter too presented us the character of Mio and a story arc that for what is happening will mark both Dororo and Hyakkimaru, from the crude image of Mio´s “job” and how Dororo was able to see such things happening to her, to Hyakkimaru who is obvious will fall in love with her; but also the fact that he has his body back, but now he has lost his human leg, and it has brought a lot of pain with him, plus that he won´t be getting back.

All in all, this chapter was not only amazing as individual, but because it brought together the different disjointed parts in one single storyline now.

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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