ttyymmnn Jan 29, 2019. 13 comments

Oppo style. This is nuts.


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This Date in Aviation History: August 17 - August 20 This Date in Aviation History: August 17 - August 20

Welcome to This Date in Aviation History, getting of you caught up on milestones, important historical events and people in aviation from August 17 through August 20. August 19, 1958 – The first flight of the Lockheed P-3 Orion. The modern carrier battle group is one of the most potent assemblages of warships ever put together. But in spite of...

Good Morning, Oppo Good Morning, Oppo

Happy Tuesday.

Flying is hard Flying is hard

Especially when you miscalculate your takeoff weight by 15 tons. The 737-800, flown by Russian carrier S7, did manage to get into the air, but it took out some lights at the end of the runway. Video: S7 Boeing 737 smashes runway lights during take-offMoscow, Russia - A Boeing 737-800 from Russian operator S7 Airlines smashed lights at the...

In Search Of... In Search Of...

Anybody else remember this show? I watched the hell out of it back in the day. Still remember the music.