Prize Mail Call

Kimba the Diecast Lover Jan 29, 2019. 5 comments

The prize for the CDDC Photo Contest courtesy of Doug (Dek34) has arrived.

And Doug made an ingenious packing solution. I talked about Japanese snacks a few moons ago and how much I enjoy them. So instead of using traditional packing peanuts (which are allegedly edible), Doug provided a bonus to the contest prize with various Japanese snacks as packing.


The “packing material” consist of savory and sweet snacks from candies to fried squid chips and spoiler alert they were all delicious.

The squid chips are really good and I can imagine it would be a great pairing to an adult beverage.

The boxed cookie is kind of like shortbread and is a sandwich with a strawberry yogurt filling inside.

The Kiwi gummy was also superb with a flavor that reminisce a jello treat I had back in my childhood.

If I have to pick a top favorite out of all the snacks, it would have to be this tiny package of wafer-like cookie. They’re kind of like those Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies you can find around the holiday season with a hollow center filled with milk creme filling.

The creme, which is Hokkaido milk to be specific is so rich. Imagine the best ice cream or gelato you ever had except its not cold and have flaky outer shell. This is the one I can see myself eat a whole box and still want more or grab a few to go on my way to work. Pair this with a cup of coffee and it would be absolutely delightful.

Now to the actual focus of the package. The Civic Type R from Mini GT is perfect, every detail is crisp and even the wheels roll nicely which is something Greenlight should take note on. This Mini GT with the clamshell packaging is the U.S release. For a comparison post about the different version of this cast Mini GT offers, look forward to Doug’s post very shortly where he’ll talk about them in more details.

Of course, we also have to give a round of applause to the star that help won the contest: The mighty G-Wagen.

I know I sort of got carried away with all the food in this post and nearly tuning it into a food blog. Huge thank you to Continental Drift for creating the contest and once again to Doug for providing the prize and all the yummy snacks. Now time for me to track down more of those wafer cookies.


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