Honda Accord anyone?

pip bip - needs a new car badly! Jan 26, 2019. 0 comments

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the sequel is coming the sequel is coming

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lol lol

Firm liable for business trip death during sexThe French firm must pay compensation after the man had a heart attack during sex with a stranger.Read more Readi found this amusing

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Which one would you rather? Which one would you rather?

Or is the answer always GTI or Miata?

cars and underwear huh cars and underwear huh

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Cars.com does an American-made Index for 2019. Cars.com does an American-made Index for 2019.

It relies heavily on the American Automobile Labeling Act.The winner is the Jeep Cherokee but is the only Jeep in the top 15. Honda/Acura come up the most followed by Chevy/GMC. Top 15 list is at the bottom, followed by the reference link. Last redesigned in 2017, the American-Made Index considers five key factors for each model:The final-assembly locationThe origin...

DATAD (down at the Acura dealership) DATAD (down at the Acura dealership)

They have a sweet low miles NSX that is not for sale (dealership owner has put 400mi on it). I had to get a key programmed and the airbag recall was not done for my TSX so I’m doing it all at once. Plus they clean my car inside and out, I didn’t wash it after our trip up the...

Seatbelt/SRS switch on a 2001 Civic Seatbelt/SRS switch on a 2001 Civic

This is the second time this is giving me some grief, so this time, I’m going to fix it. Permanently.Basically, what happens is the switch inside the seatbelt buckle thinks that something isn’t quite right. When I am wearing my seatbelt (which I always do), the seatbelt light goes off, but for a while, the SRS light would flicker a...

I bought a thing! I bought a thing!

(I know the song is about motorcyle and the car is an auto, but this goes through my head) Svending needed (back to black) works wonders What seems to be a common problem, both fog lights are chipped. Given Hondas extreme price ($200 a side), and that civic ones fit right in are there any decent aftermarket civic foglights? 

night oppo night oppo