Oh frabjous day

winterlegacy Jan 21, 2019. 10 comments

Today marks my 21st lap around the track.

Looks like I need to get in touch with the moonshiners.


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Finals are done Finals are done

I have managed to finish my finals for my first semester. I feel relatively confident that I have passed.Post practical vehicles doing fun things to bolster my confidence.

Does anyone have a high-res version of the Oppo logo? (Update: Now with icons!) Does anyone have a high-res version of the Oppo logo? (Update: Now with icons!)

EDIT: I’ve made the Oppo adaptive icon! Well, sort of. The hackjob (for now) is to make an image that looks similar enough to my adaptive icon style. Maybe one day Nova Launcher will support 100% custom adaptive icons. For now, feel free to snag the files at this Google Drive link. If you’re handy with something like Inkscape, you...

Good morning Oppo Good morning Oppo

Well, not exactly morning for me, but there’s a couple of Oppos a few timezones west of me where it would still be morning.

It's no surprise our license plate system is abysmal It's no surprise our license plate system is abysmal

Relevant to the FP post, after the jump. The Vanity Plates of Maine are Delightfully Awful Today I learned that motorists in the state of Maine are writing, to put it delicately, all kinds…Read more Read Let me walk you through our license plate system.Here is where you land, and it’s the first search result if you look for...

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24 and Parsh-ing 24 and Parsh-ing

Made it to 24 and still doing my Parsh thing like the Car Czars intended. Pretty awesome, me thinks.Huh, I’m 24, and I own a 924....NEATO

It's My Birthday It's My Birthday

Bad news: I’m sick. Like very sick. Like, “sinus infection so bad, I haven’t gone to school this week,” sick. Good news: I was taking pics of the TrailBlazer as a joke for a Tweet, and I found two fun size Baby Ruth bars. So now I have two fun size Baby Ruth bars. Because it’s my Birthday, could...

7/3/16! 7/3/16!

Yes, today is 7/3/16 here.Naturally it was also 7/3/16 a hundred years ago.Happy Birthday, BMW!


Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag.Click here to view original GIFI’ve made a gif for you!! I hope your birthday is full of much puff, lump, and all things Porsche. ^_^

Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday! Birthday!

My wife made this awesome monster truck cake for our son’s 3rd birthday party.

MR2sday lives! MR2sday lives!

I love TVRs and all, but today is my birthday, it's Tuesday, and my MR2 is sad and alone tucked away in a garage for the winter. I need a birthday MR2sday thread.Any Mr2's posted here will be greatly appreciated!

Today birthday. Today birthday.

I was going to be ice racing up at Georgetown Lake this weekend but the races were canceled due to ice quality. So what the hell else am I going to do??Last time I checked it was 7° F outside so I think I’ll start the day by watching The 24 Hour War. Any good ideas for stuff I should...

21st Birthday FTFW! 21st Birthday FTFW!

Yep it’s my birthday, 21 years old. But this isn’t really that significant when you’ve lived in Germany for the past 3 years. Have some weird.

Birthday things Birthday things

It’s my birthday! I’m 28, post things with 28s? 2.8L Toyota Fortuner - TIL this exists