Build Breakdown: Monster Truck Edition

tromoly Jan 18, 2019. 2 comments

Hoonigan hit it out of the park with their latest Build Breakdown, really explains what all goes into monster trucks. Check it out.


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Life Pro Tip: If you go to a race track that looks and acts like this, pack up and go home. Life Pro Tip: If you go to a race track that looks and acts like this, pack up and go home.

H/T to Bangshift for the video featuring Brown County Raceway, Indiana, in all its unsafe sketchyness.Key things to look for in the video: shutdown shorter than the actual racing distance, grass between the lanes, trees lining the track with no guardrails, people not in fire gear responding to a fire, person who doesn’t know how to use a fire extinguisher,...

The wonders of Television The wonders of Television

The Red Bull Air Race event on Fox Sports 1 is currently near the end of the Round of 8 airing “Live”, yet on Red Bull TV the Final 4 runs ended about 10 minutes ago. I understand most “Live” TV is aired on a 7-second delay (like NASCAR and whatnot), but this delay is a bit much.Have an airplane.

Margarita Maker Monday! Margarita Maker Monday!

When you need gallons of margaritas for your thirsty friends, only a Top Fuel engine powered blender will do. Because everything is better with Nitromethane. Full write-up at Hot Rod, for those interested.

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This was a huge year for the automotive content powerhouse known as Hoonigan. With over 2,000,000 YouTube subscribers, hundreds of videos with millions of collective views, and their newly released Twitch stream the content just keeps coming.In 2017, I released my Hoonigan Daily Transmission Best of 2017 list. I do not believe anyone has written more on the internet...

Crown Vic Hoonage Crown Vic Hoonage

Some decent Crown Vic hoonage going on in this music video right here. Not sure how or where they got the car from with lights and whatnot on it, and I’m pretty sure you can’t buy them as a civilian this way... Could a police precinct have actually been cool enough to let them use a car that’s about to...

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I hope this isn’t too frowned upon as this is a bit of a shameless plug but I think a few readers might enjoy it. I was lucky enough to help work on this project with a few friends over the summer and it was just released online today. This event took place July 4th weekend at Soaring Eagle Casino...

Found a big truck Found a big truck

Went to a thrift store to find a set of speakers, caught this at a buy-here-pay-here lot on the way home. My monster truck obsessed son completely missed it, so naturally I flipped a U and took a closer look. Got a pair of Kenwood speakers for $6. They’re not fantastic, but they’re an upgrade from no speakers so I’m...

Formula Drift driver Tony Angelo & his FR-S Formula Drift driver Tony Angelo & his FR-S

Tony Angelo at Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey with his (personal) 2014 Scion FR-S. I took these photos in March 2014. Click here for more of our photos: L&S Studios