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FourFingerWu Jan 09, 2019. 0 comments

Kinja, always one step ahead of the problem. Or something.

The latest real glitch is if you have an error loading an image on a post it will not save to drafts or publish. Kinja actually says, “Uh oh.” Your best bet when seeing the image error is to stop what you are doing, open another window, and repost everything from scratch. This has happened to me several times and it is a huge pain in the ass to try to save a whole Gif Nonsense thread.

Meanwhile the Youtube video/non-expanding link glitch continues. Must be a year at least for that one.


- This is what happens to Youtube videos when you post after a non-expanding link.

Can you see all the replies, plus pending, in a thread yet? That’s another long term glitch.

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