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HammerheadFistpunch Dec 13, 2018. 3 comments


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A new take on Expo A new take on Expo

I always love seeing the US from an outsides eyes.  Looking forward to the rest.

Better than expected Better than expected

16 box trailer, at least 3500 lbs. Another...lets call it 600 lbs of stuff on the inside. 101 degrees yesterday. Never got above:1. 199 F coolant2. 8 mpgAC stayed cold. It handled the weight like a champ and kept 70 mph on all but the steepest climbs where I dropped to 65. I realize a 3500 lb 16 foot...

squatty squatty

Things the cruiser doesn’t like doing:Pulling a tailer in the heat at elevation. This is a trailer we rented full of lighting gear that we filled up the rest of the way with heavy gear. Its listed with a GVWR of 3000 lbs...I’m thinking its probably closer to 3500-4000. Minus the power robbing fan clutch, AC compressor and 15%...