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Future parents, think a little before naming your child. This is a person, not a puppy. The label you tag them with, the one that seemed cute at the time, will saddle them forever. You don’t need to create a unique brand, just name your kid something they won’t hate you for when they get older.

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Dodger rookies had an epic weekend Dodger rookies had an epic weekend

Friday night, rookie Matt Beaty hit a walk off home run to beat the Rockies.Saturday night, rookie Alex Verdugo hit a walk off home run to beat the Rockies.Sunday night, rookie Will Smith hit a walk off home run to beat the Rockies.No other team has ever had two consecutive walk off HRs by two different rookies, let alone three. This...

Ants are really something Ants are really something

Last night I saw an ant on my bathroom counter, and I put a deodorant can on top of it to trap it. No reason, just did it.Didn’t think about it until this morning. Noticed the can, remembered the ant. Lifted the can, that ant crawled out and went on its merry way. Like the last 8 hours never happened.I...

Hakka, Pakora and Biryani. Hakka, Pakora and Biryani.

Trying Indian food for the first time ever, today.Beef Hakka, Shrimp Pakora and Goat BiryaniAccording to the DoorDash website, it should be here in around 40 minutes.The anticipation alone is delicious!

Dumbass Dumbass

“You guys might think I’m crazy in all this but I think it’s worthwhile to declare Jesus to these people.” Heartbreaking history of ‘lost tribe’The death of an American missionary on an ultra-isolated Indian island has cast a rare and…Read more ReadMaybe just leave people the fuck alone?