It was a joke after all! 

Edie Beale's Pantsuit Nov 08, 2018. 16 comments

The baby has a normal name and is not named Beyonce Knowles! Only they neglected to tell any of the family so Christmas is gonna be real weird still.

First off: A tip of the hat for A+ trolling

Second: everyone on the FB post was too afraid to question the name. Like, dozens of comments and not a single one about the name.

I only found out because GC was scrolling through Instagram and the baby picture was posted there under her actual (absolutely lovely and appropriate) name. Only, they haven’t actually corrected anyone on FB or called family to explain what the baby’s name really is. So I expect a bunch of the older family members at Christmas to still call her Baby Beyonce.

Wow, what a wild ride!

For anyone who missed it, this:


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