It’s Wednesday 

Owl is lost Oct 10, 2018. 18 comments

So, of course,

But you do know what the best memes are, don’t you?

That’s right.

How is everyone’s week going otherwise?


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Good morning! Good morning!

What are you contemplating this Wednesday morning?

Good morning, good morning! Good morning, good morning!

Hello, hello! Yes, once again I had no idea what day of the week it was. Oh, no and the picture I was going to use disappeared. I double clicked on an images folder and this one just loaded...so...enjoy!But enough about me. How are you??

Oh hi there Oh hi there

How’s the weather where you are? Yesterday we had the a/c on, right now I’m kind of tempted to turn on the heat.(Hopefully this posts correctly. It kept trying to go into a long defunct sub I didn’t even remember existed.)

Hello, Wednesday Peoples! Hello, Wednesday Peoples!

I’m already confused and this week just started. It is Wednesday, right? What’s the news in your neck of the woods?