AMA about my ND, 1 year and 30,000 miles later.  

Milky Oct 03, 2018. 16 comments

Put on 30k miles in one year and two days. To celebrate the first time I’ve gone a whole year without breaking down I did a little donut.

I got the top down at least once a month, yes even in February in Michigan. Averaged 32 mpg according to the car (I’ve checked it a few times to make sure its close to accurate). Space has been an issue only a couple times, like when transporting tires.

Still loving this thing. Its peppy, the interior is lovely place to spend time and the manual is great.


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Regular cab short bed Trail Boss is coming. Just not for the U.S. because fuck you. Regular cab short bed Trail Boss is coming. Just not for the U.S. because fuck you.

Look at this stubby tall boy. Too bad its only going to the Middle East.

Can I take minute to appreciate Mazda's soul red paint? Can I take minute to appreciate Mazda's soul red paint?

Cheap car/paint, week old wash, bird poop on it and to clarify, unedited iPhone photo. It just pops. Really happy I waited for this one instead of jumping on a black one for sale. Also, remember the Challenger/Chargers shutting down a Detroit highway? This park is where they went the next night.

Seent - gross way to spend $3,575 in options on a Camaro. Seent - gross way to spend $3,575 in options on a Camaro.

Was so upset I had to check if it was factory (it is) and then see how much it cost. Pulled into the GM HQ but I looked, it wasn’t a “M” plate.

"Pro-Police Bumper Stickers Are Reasonable Suspicion" "Pro-Police Bumper Stickers Are Reasonable Suspicion"

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