Good Morning

Pie 'oh' Pah Sep 01, 2018. 13 comments

It’s freakin’ September. How the hell did we already make it through 8 damn months of this year? What’s up with you this weekend?

This week has been beyond bizarre for me and not in a fun way. I’m just tired. Was asleep within 10 minutes of getting home last night. All I’m doing for the next three days is figuring out what specifically is wrong with my laptop that’s having a meltdown (no really, that’s what it looks like) and watching Jack Ryan and season 2 of Ozark.

Here’s Some Stuff:

If you’d like a good long read (less than an hour) to sit and read through this weekend then this month’s Atavist article is the perfect place to start.

And here’s a few others of varying length:

September stuff:

And a Baturday story for Owl.


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