nth256 Jun 14, 2018. 4 comments

All hail Prime Minister For Sweden! Blott Sverige svenska krusbär har!


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From FP, of all places From FP, of all places

Silverado truck face on a Camaro works startlingly well!EDIT: fuggin Kinja... Linky McLinkface

Well, there goes the tax return Well, there goes the tax return

I, like 75% of Americans, park my car in the driveway and use my garage for storage, so I don’t to in there very often. Found this in the ceiling today: apparently, in a/c drain clogged and I’ve been dripping into the ceiling above the garage. The air return under the a/c unit is soaked. Mother fucker. Cleared the drain and...

Interesting spot this morning Interesting spot this morning

As I’ve mentioned previously, I pass COTA on my way to and from work every day. So I often see some interesting vehicles on their way to the track.This morning, I saw a deep-blue Dodge Viper with two fat white racing stripes running right down the middle. Right behind him was a Ram SRT-10, with a matching paint job. Come...