Yay FedEx!

This was what I had to deal with today. VZW customer service is good. But I had to go to UPS to get the package which contained the phone.


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Hey y’all Hey y’all

Oppo has been a great community and I’m no longer posting like I had been due to 3 jobs. I was posting on Jalopnik for years - got my star in 2009 and first posted to Oppo around 2010-11. I remember a lot of the ways people helped each other and now my wife and I are in a pickle....

Um. Help Um. Help

I know I haven’t been active much. I’m a teacher. I also work on the door of a bar on Friday and I am caregiver for a 14 year old boy with special needs every other weekend. IDue to some circumstances both in and out of our control, my wife and I are being forced out of the home we...

For no reason For no reason

have some oppositecock:

Oppo PSA Oppo PSA

Empathy is more important than obedience. Don’t be assholes to each other. The crazy old men were starting to talk about Member Berries by 8:15 this morning.