Little Latenight Dump.

sony1492 Feb 06, 2018. 3 comments


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Found the problem Found the problem

It was cylinder #1, apparently the bearing half made it’s way under the other side leading to a knocking noise as the crank smacked the connecting rod with essentially no bearing. I’m not sure how to prevent this next time, the bearing fit snug with a centering slot to the rods. This was using King trimetal bearings This is...

I dont know what this is but I like it I dont know what this is but I like it

It has a bmw badge, that's about it

*Mini Laughs demonically* *Mini Laughs demonically*

Llllloooks like the waterpumps leaking, guess I’ll just toss that on the list. For a moment there was hope that I could save some money, not buy any cars and just drive the mini while its valve stem seals smoked out the world. That dream dies today.

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