Hour Rule: A Slammed Jaaaaag

Menandz Mags Jan 13, 2018. 4 comments

Hello everyone! In our kitchen is an ex-Corgi casting of the Jaguar XJ40, now with a low ride height and gold MC5 wheels. The grille and interior were painted black as well.

Have a great day!


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HAUL: Tomica TK exclusive Truck HAUL: Tomica TK exclusive Truck

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[Haul] yet another Kyosho Beads R32 Skyline GT-R... [Haul] yet another Kyosho Beads R32 Skyline GT-R...

...in the color I really want! No reviews necessary as it is similar to the white one I previously showed. Except that the headlights fit better and there are less paint defects. Thanks for looking!

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Any ideas as to what this is?

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