Happy New Year, oppo

ITA97, needs more Burnside. Jan 03, 2018. 1 comments

While this post is a day late, I’d like to wish a happy and healthy new year to all you opponaughts out there. Y’all make up a special little corner of the internet, and I consider myself better for knowing you. Thanks for putting up with my musings on my own automotive (and doggo) shenanigans.

My actual New Year’s celebration consisted of hanging out with the dogs, doing some touch-up painting inside the house that is going on the market very soon and watching this season (so far) of the Grand Tour.

Tonight I’m having a fine sour after a trip to Spec’s, and I hope your beer may be at least as good.

Have a picture of the old racecar for your time. Its first race back should be in May.


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