When your boys win their bowl game

The Cats beat UCLA! Rosen may get to be the #1 draft pick, but he doesn’t get to be the Cactus Bowl champ.

I don’t know what closet they found him in, but Phil is my spirit animal.

Also, I saw the Alamo today. Kinja refuses to allow me to upload photos of that.


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Biweekly Project Photodump Biweekly Project Photodump

No pictures of the school portion because they’re already moving in. Kind of a giant mess of furniture and boxes.

I love it when a plan comes together. I love it when a plan comes together.

Church cafeteria ceiling starting to come together. Clear finish on red oak 1x8’s. And the newly installed rose window framing in the church itself. It’s somehow even more shockingly huge in place. 10’-0” diameter stained glass window will go there in a couple months. Everything is shaping up for it to be a pretty neat space. Ceiling in the church...

You ever just find the worst house? You ever just find the worst house?

Because jesus christ look at this abomination that I just found. There is literally nothing right with this thing (yes, those are the HVAC units and gas meter in a dead space on the front of the house)0/10 should be bulldozed

My Car Is A Champ My Car Is A Champ

Made it to STL on the poor spare after airing it up The LSD did not find hard right turns amusing under acceleration, “Low Trac” light would come on. Because: Wheeeeeee! FML! Decided to drive to STL for the weekend, got to Topeka. Doesn’t look too bad right? Wrong, tire is…Read more Read Packed up about half of my 1:18...