Shameless self promotion time

Hey oppo sorry I’ve been a stranger, kinja is not a fan of my slow upload speed here. Anyway thought I’d drop by and suggest y’all fine people consider buying my shirt on blipshift, perhaps as a secret senna gift.

It involves turbos and beer, what’s not to like?

It’s also for a good cause, if it does well I’ll be able to buy a high mileage beater civic si or something instead of taking the bus to work this winter!

Have a car related dump from the last few months in Mexico for your time:


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Spreading the Jalop Spreading the Jalop

When we started dating, my girlfriend was an engineering student with a clear interest in mechanical things. She was also driving a first-gen DSM with three pedals. However, her eyes would very much glaze over when I would start to nerd out about cars. Especially when conversations with a friend devolved into strings of internal chassis codes, engine model numbers,...

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