A white Honda

wanclick Oct 12, 2017. 1 comments

I have to admit, when I picked this Honda Civic Type R up, I wasn’t expecting much. I already have another version from Tomy... so this was bought just for comparison. As I was shooting it, I was pleasantly surprised on how good it looked, the tampos were complete... the ride height was okay, even that wing didn’t look too big.

Unlike in the Tomica where the hood was a bit off.... this looked great, from all angles. I did notice a small gap in the tampo at the front though... like a white line dashing across the front where the ‘grille’ should be. (In the tomica, there’s really a grill... in the HW, its a tampo.) But its no biggie.. a dash of black sharpie should fix that easily. :)

Adding that shark’s fin antenna was a nice touch. :)

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