A thing rarely seen

Cé hé sin Oct 07, 2017. 2 comments

By the living at any rate.


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Five by Seven Five by Seven

Seen yesterday. Not just one but five Austin Sevens. Also, one was being guarded.

A tale of two snails A tale of two snails

Yesterday I saw a snail. This one, to be precise. Then, as you do, I found another almost literally around the corner. Sadly, it was in a rather different state. I’m guessing it may have donated parts of itself to the running one. Bonus two Renault Moduses, neither very well. Given its state of dereliction, Snail 2 isn’t in as...

Vintages Vintages

Seen today.Something out of the ordinary. Vauxhall Viceroy (aka Opel Commodore). Bonus Rover 3.5 litre. It had one of those posh automatic gearboxes. Still windy up windows though. No matter how often you paint and repaint your vintage, chemistry still tends to win. It’s easier and cheaper to maintain and keep bikes than cars, so there were lots.Like this brace...

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Hour Rule DotS Hour Rule DotS

Had to reach way back in the vault for this one (I’m pretty sure I didn’t post this one already).

I...like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I...like it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

https://www.beechmontford.com/bfp-retro-f-150.htmLike it more than the retro Silverados- https://jalopnik.com/this-minnesota-dealership-gives-new-chevy-silverados-a-1827967382

Ford are just taking the piss now Ford are just taking the piss now


night oppo night oppo

Ford Mustang

It's not easy being green. It's not easy being green.

Green Envy was deleted from the Fiesta’s color palette for the 2016 MY, which has me disappointed (it blows the pre-refresh Fiesta’s Lime Squeeze out of the water, IMO). They did bring back Kona Blue, and they introduced a new black wheel color while making Rado Grey standard, so that’s nice. I admittedly only remember ever seeing one Green...

Ford Ford

Ford Saguaro by Ghia c1988/89

hour rule hour rule

Mercury Lynx (c1981)

Ford Ford

Ford IosisX concept