Any Good Autodesign/sketch Blogs or Feeds?

If anyone could help me find some relevant sources, I’d be grateful. I’m an industrial design student, attempting to enrich my free time with more design.


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"Neat!" "Neat!"

Was in a base Canadian MZ3 while on break tonight. I noticed how flimsy the gauge dimmer is on it and how different the assembly is compared to the american MZ3 just two model years back. Here you can hear me talking while watching me jerk around the gauge dimmer.

Mazda on the RX Vision Mazda on the RX Vision

Its nice to see what Mazda actually has to say about the design and future of the RX Vision holistically. If you haven’t already read their piece, I suggest you do. I’m not aware of any manufacturer that talks about their vehicles so technically and with the passion they have: Mazda RX-VISION Rotary Sports Car Concept | Inside MazdaThe RX-VISION...

Alcohol and DriveClub Alcohol and DriveClub

Anyone down?(or Forza)I'm feeling lonely