when the honkers, gizmos and doo-dads are just right

Agrajag Sep 05, 2017. 5 comments


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ahoy ahoy

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The Moon The Moon

We went there a few times. Still blows my mind.Have some of my favorite moon shots that I managed to get.

I Bought a Thing I Bought a Thing

The GTI failed me for the last time. It was time to go.Another VW? I’m by no means a VW fanboy but I can’t stay away from them. I didn’t want another sedan, and of the hatchback offerings, I like the Golf the most. Plus, I already have a set of winters that’ll fit. Wish me luck....

♫When The Moon... ♫When The Moon...

...IS YOUR EYE♫and you are the Unspoken

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C28 > C8 C28 > C8

It’s 20 better.

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

Probably a repost, but it made LMFAO earlier today when I needed a pick-me-up.

Scam or no? Scam or no?

If this thing isn’t completely trashed and isn’t a scam. I’m buying it. Pontoon Boat 25 Ft 2008 Fisher LibertyFisher Liberty 240 DLX Pontoon boat with 90 HP Mercury 4 stroke. Boat is in very good condition.…Read more Read Me thinks it is a scam though. Too big, to new, and to much motor for the price. But no reverse...

The Secret of Scoob and Aston Martin, Solved!! The Secret of Scoob and Aston Martin, Solved!!

Hope you are ready for some Da Vinci Code level super sleuthing! I’m about to blow Scoob’s secret Aston Martin plot out of the water! This journey is not for the faint of heart so please consult a doctor before continuing on this trip into the dastardly deeds of one of our own. You. Have. Been. WARNED!Some time a...

Upcoming election? Upcoming election?

The only thing I can promise is more photos of vehicles you don’t care about, a puppy, two cats, and perhaps poor construction practices.

The Last Post The Last Post

Some fine bugle work courtesy of our upside down friends:

Good Morning Oppo Good Morning Oppo

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.