Mustang love at the Gale Halderman Museum

Today I had the opportunity to visit the Gale Halderman Museum in Tipp City, Ohio. A little background: Gale Halderman is the man who sketched the design that became the first Mustang in April 1964. If you’ve seen the Mustang documentary A Faster Horse, he’s the kindly old gent who talks about Lee Iacocca seeing his design in clay and giving it the thumbs-up. (And if you HAVEN’T seen A Faster Horse, what are you waiting for? Go fire up your Netflix. Shame on you.)

The museum is located in a barn on the property where Mr. Halderman grew up, and if you are an automotive history buff, it is AMAZING. There are three vintage Mustangs and one S550 on display at present, as well as a couple of Whizzer-type bicycles, scooters, and tractor memorabilia, but that’s not the amazing part. What’s fascinating is the walls plastered with original Ford stylists’ renderings, articles, advertisements, and all sorts of other memorabilia. The vast majority is focused on Ford products, but if you have any interest in Fords, especially Mustangs, it’s a fantastic place to get lost for a couple of hours and maybe even chat with the man whose drawings helped start the pony car phenomenon.

They don’t charge admission, but they will grill up burgers and hot dogs for your group and in return ask for a small donation to help keep the museum maintained.

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