Help, I've fallen and I can't get up

EssExTee May 18, 2017. 11 comments

F&#@ing back injuries, man. Not fun.


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Quick question: Quick question:

Is vacuum tube an effective long term replacement for wiper fluid hoses? Like will fluid make it degrade or anything? Asking for a friend. I’m my own friend.Basically the hoses got so brittle with age that they cracked and started soaking my under-hood insulation. Eww. I gotta redo the the tubing all the way back down to the fluid...

Oppo let's play a game Oppo let's play a game

What’s the most interesting car you can spot at this gas station? Is it the Audi Coupe? Is it the 928? Perhaps it's the E34 M5 hiding behind that FourVette?

Life goals Life goals

My hometown has neighborhoods full of these beautiful Victorian homes with turrets and balconies and wrap-around porches and I just want to buy one and paint it an obnoxious color and have it be my forever home. These are two of the tamer ones.