My 1/24 Toyota Ae86 Model Kit

Diecast Darvz - 86 May 06, 2017. 4 comments

Just final pictures of my 1/24 Scale Toyota Ae86 model kit.

Wetsanded and polished. Alot of work has been done.

This was my entry to the OOB Category at a model kit building competetion called Aoshima cup 3. Next year there will be a 4. What should i build next?

Thanks for viewing!


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Today on #ScaleSunday. We are showcasing this 1:43 Burago Ferrrari Dino 246 GT! I don’t know much about ferraris, im a Jdm Fan. But love to share this model with you guys! Very classic, bad about it, it’s not rubber tires. Too bad for you burago. Awesome detail. Love the chrom grills./bumpers. Awesome plate at the back ! So...

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