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twochevrons Sep 25, 2018. 0 comments

Spent yesterday tearing around the countryside in the BX 16v. What a wonderfully eccentric combination of ‘80s Gallic flair, luxobarge comfort, and remarkably hot-hatch-like driving dynamics. There really isn’t anything else like it, and I am sorely tempted to find one to bring back to the States with me.

A more thorough write-up is pending, but I couldn’t resist sharing this gif of its magic hydropneumatic suspension in action.

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I was driving around my old hometown and noticed that this old Citroën BX 19 TGD Break Van had moved from its usual spot. While taking pictures the very kind owner came over, who told me he has owned it for 22 years (which explains why it has been around the same spot for almost all of my live)...

Spotted at Heidelberg Castle Recently Spotted at Heidelberg Castle Recently

Spotted this beauty near Heidelberg Castle while I was in the region recently for work. Toured the castle over the weekend and while walking back down to the main part of town I came across this.  Poor thing was out in the rain. The train from the airport to Mainz, where I was staying, went past the Opel factory. ...

from across the ditch from across the ditch


hour rule hour rule

Mt Cook, NZ

Today's thing now rarely seen Today's thing now rarely seen

Even in France It’ll be a classic

Turosar Turosar

Turosar (NZ)

This 90's Citroen has a genius quirk and/or feature! This 90's Citroen has a genius quirk and/or feature!

Look, I’m a real blogger! With a clickbaity title and everything! Ok, fine, it’s a door pocket. Now you know. So, I was clicking through every single listing on Bring-a-Trailer in a trance-like state for hours on end, as you do, and found this Citroen AX GT 5. At first glance, besides some mildly funky angular styling and asymmetrical badge...

hour rule hour rule

Acorn (New Zealand)

PRN, par Citroën PRN, par Citroën

Park, Reverse., Neutral? Mais non, or at least not in the 1970s and 1980s.Meet a PRN satellite as used on the GSA. No PRN there? Yes, there is.On top, P for pluie, rain. No 1 is the washers (push), no 2 is the wipers (turn)On the side, R for route, road. Rocker switch no 3 is the indicators, naturally not...