A not-so-hypothetical

Let’s say you just got a new, facelifted Tesla Model S . You’re obviously very proud of the thing, and that new, smooth, grille-less front is unique on the road.

Let’s say you also are fortunate enough to live in a “no front plate” state, such as Arizona. You have an opportunity to show off that front fascia in all its glory, the way the designers intended.

Now let’s say you get an aluminum license plate frame and a plate blank that says this:

Ok, there’s the setup. Now, the question is: On a scale of “Gandalf the Grey” to “Tom Huggins the stone troll,” how wise is this choice?


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FEF - Front End Friday FEF - Front End Friday

Y’all can stop posting, because chrome loop bumper:

The struggle is real The struggle is real

Kinja once again confuses testing and production servers....

Anyone who thinks there's no winter in the Southwest... Anyone who thinks there's no winter in the Southwest...

...has never known the joy of Spring’s rejuvenating appearance on that one mid-February day when one can again sleep with the windows open after seven whole weeks of chilly nights.

Nooooooooooo! Nooooooooooo!


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